F1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE! Verstappen wins - Race result, updates and latest news for sixth race of 2022

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F1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE! Verstappen wins - Race result, updates and latest news for sixth race of 2022

F1 Spanish Grand Prix LIVE!

Max Verstappen wrestled back the advantage in the 2022 Formula One campaign with victory in Barcelona.

It looked set to be a Charles Leclerc waltz to the finish after the reigning world champion put his Red Bull in the gravel early on yet the Ferrari power unit gave way midway through to force a retirement.

That opened the way for Verstappen to fight back and lead a one-two for his team.

Despite DRS issues and a feisty defence by George Russell, the Dutchman came home comfortably with Sergio Perez behind.

Russell rolled home third ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who bounced back from an early puncture to come home fifth. The Brit looked good for fourth but a late DNF risk from overheating caused Mercedes to ask him to slow down, letting Carlos Sainz by.

Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon, Lando Norris, Fernando Alonso and Yuki Tsunoda rounded off the points positions.

F1 Spanish Grand Prix highlights

  • LIGHTS OUT! Leclerc leads but disaster for Hamilton

  • IN THE GRAVEL! Sainz and then Verstappen run wide

  • LECLERC OUT! Race leader forced to retire

  • VERSTAPPEN LEADS! Red Bull set for 1-2

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Verstappen wins!

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17:05 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen moved into the lead of the Formula One world championship for the first time this season with victory at the Spanish Grand Prix as title rival Charles Leclerc retired.

What had begun as a captivating race with a first-lap collision, spins by both Verstappen and Carlos Sainz and Leclerc’s accident, eventually turned into a procession to the chequered flag for Verstappen’s fourth win in five races.

Recap the race with Matt’s full report.

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16:55 , Marc Mayo

Some penalties to mop up at the back of the pack which you may have missed.

Pierre Gasly said he takes the blame for a five-second punishment after sending Lance Stroll spinning at Turn 1, before coming home 13th. He said: “It was hard racing, there was [a] small contact but I take the responsibility, if this deserves a five-second penalty.”

Meanwhile Alex Albon finished last and was docked five seconds for repeatedly running off track. Not a good day for the flame-haired Williams driver.

Lewis Hamilton reacts to his fifth-place finish

16:51 , Marc Mayo

“I was 30-plus seconds behind, last place. That’s like no-man’s land and it’s a horrible feeling but you’ve just got to keep your head up and keep pushing. They said I could get eighth, which doesn’t feel like an impressive result but at least I can get into the points. To then be fighting for fourth - I was so happy with that.”

A fairly underrated job being done by this guy right now

16:44 , Marc Mayo

What a highlights reel this is!

16:38 , Marc Mayo

Final classification

16:31 , Marc Mayo

That Max Verstappen lead... Blimey.

16:27 , Marc Mayo

Lando Norris ducking out of media duties after his sickness issues in the past couple of days continue to affect him following the race, in which he secured a sterling eighth-place finish from 11th on the grid.

No medical centre trip or such for the McLaren ace but he will be taking it easy after this race.

George Russell looks ahead to Monaco

16:25 , Marc Mayo

“No idea [how fast we’ll be], we’ve been pretty fast in slow-speed corners but this weekend with our upgrades we’ve been quicker in high-speed corners and straights. We’re still learning, this week will be important to get on top of that data.”

Toto Wolff delivers his verdict on the race

16:22 , Marc Mayo

“It’s better than expect because I’m always so pessimistic, but we’ve cleared the midfield and caught up half a second on the frontrunners. There’s more to come and more understanding of this car.”

Latest Drivers’ Championship standings

16:17 , Marc Mayo

Check out how the title fight looks after today’s race.

Lewis Hamilton named the fans’ Driver of the Day

16:12 , Marc Mayo

Christian Horner on Mercedes’ revival

16:06 , Marc Mayo

“They’re getting themselves back, I said from race one they’re a very strong team. You can see they’ve made a big step this weekend and we don’t underestimate any rivals. Ferrari had a horrible day but their pace was very strong. It’s only going to get tighter.”

A far from straightforward race for Lewis Hamilton

16:00 , Marc Mayo

Time for champagne!

15:57 , Marc Mayo

A big dousing for Russell with Perez all smiles as he toasts to Verstappen’s victory.

It’s a first runout for the new podium in Barcelona, which is shaped like the track itself. Might be hard to do that with Suzukua, to be fair.

Sergio Perez gives his reaction

15:50 , Marc Mayo

“I’ve been feeling a lot of support this weekend so very happy for my first podium in the Spanish Grand Prix. It was close but at the end it was a great team result, so happy for that.”

Max Verstappen up next

15:48 , Marc Mayo

“I went off, I suddenly had a lot of tailwind. My DRS was not working which made it very tough. But we managed to do a strategy to get ahead, a difficult beginning but a good end.”

George Russell reacts

15:47 , Marc Mayo

“I was doing my maximum to keep the Red Bulls behind, it was an enjoyable couple of laps. In the last couple of laps it was a survival race and I’m just proud to bring it home.”

The winning moment

15:46 , Marc Mayo

15:43 , Marc Mayo

“I’m happy for the race but we need to speak later,” says second-placed Sergio Perez over team radio...


15:40 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen wins the Spanish Grand Prix!


15:39 , Marc Mayo

Sainz gets Hamilton! Disappointment for the Mercedes crew after his fight back... Fortunately for him Bottas is ten seconds back.

15:38 , Marc Mayo

Lap 65/66: The fastest lap point is set to go to Perez, who made use of that late stop for Softs to take the honour off Hamilton.

The Brit is told to lift and cost despite Sainz getting on his back. Overheating could force him to concede fourth to Sainz!

15:36 , Marc Mayo

A bit of action at the back as Latifi jumps Magnussen for 16th. A proper nightmare day for Haas.

15:31 , Marc Mayo

Lap 60/66: Confidently done by Hamilton and he fights back from the back of the pack with that early puncture to secure fourth place, and a likely 3-4 finish for Mercedes.

15:29 , Marc Mayo

Bottas is powerless to stop the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers swooping by him on Turn 1 and 2 as he tells team radio “this plan was a mistake”. He’s done 23 laps on his Mediums in a two-stop strategy.

Hamilton will fancy Sainz now for fourth...

15:27 , Marc Mayo

Lap 57/66: Heartbreak for Schumacher as he loses tenth place to Tsunoda on the start/finish straight, his Haas just lacking pace today despite a strong start. The young German’s first points finish looks set to go wanting once again.

Further up the race, Sainz is on Bottas’ tail and could do with a hasty overtake with Hamilton not far back.

15:25 , Marc Mayo

Just the 25-second lead for Verstappen at the front of the pack - not bad a for a man who lost DRS for large parts of the race and took a trip across the gravel!

15:22 , Marc Mayo

Lap 53/66: Russell pits for Softs and quickly takes back the final podium position off Bottas, in what could be a strong finish for Mercedes as Hamilton looks to jump Sainz and the Finn from sixth.

Here comes Perez for a final pit stop and the Softs, with Hamilton’s fastest-lap honours perhaps on his radar.

15:18 , Marc Mayo

So what of the rest of the pack? Bottas is 14 seconds clear of Sainz in fourth place but may have the Ferrari, on quicker tyres, on his back soon.

Ocon is a further six seconds back in sixth and Hamilton will fancy that position having just bolted on his own pair of new Softs. Norris, Alonso and Tsunoda make up the rest of the points positions.

Verstappen takes the lead!

15:15 , Marc Mayo

Red Bull tell Perez “it may be quicker” if he lets Verstappen through as he’s on a different strategy. “That’s very unfair, but okay,” he replies.

Down the start/finish straight at Lap 49 begins, the Mexican remains in front before the deed is done into Turn 4.

Charles Leclerc reacts to his retirement

15:12 , Marc Mayo

“I don’t know anything more than what happened, I had no indications before. It’s a shame. In those moments I can only look at the positives and there are plenty this weekend - qualifying pace, race pace and tyre management. We can’t afford for this to happen many times.”

15:09 , Marc Mayo

Lap 45/66: Russell is just holding onto the gap needed to take second for Verstappen’s penalty but Red Bull pull him in anyway.

The Mediums go in a 2.4-second stop and Perez takes the lead, with Russell not close enough to deny a one-two as Verstappen exits the pits.

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

15:04 , Marc Mayo

The danger is this now becomes a procession with Verstappen 21 seconds ahead of Russell and with teammate Perez between the two of them.

With the track temperatures, there remains the question mark of tyre degradation for the Dutchman and whether his second set of softs can last to the chequered flag. That remains the only hurdle between him and taking the championship lead.

15:00 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari are calling Leclerc’s retirement a “power-unit problem”, which could have a bearing later down the line in terms of future grid penalties as the world championship leader loses that part of his allocation.

14:59 , Marc Mayo

A pit stop for Russell just as Verstappen catches him releases the Red Bull and keeps the Mercedes in the top three, with their hope that he will go the distance on the Mediums and hold a lead over the Dutchman ahead of the final laps once he pits again.

Perez also stops from first, bolting on fresh Mediums too and coming out second with a decent lead over Russell. That should be that for sealing the Mexican’s top-two place, at least.

14:56 , Marc Mayo

Lap 35/66: Hamilton’s rule of the fastest lap has been relinguished as Verstappen takes the honour, and he will be on Russell’s rear-wing in just a couple of laps’ time.

The elder Mercedes driver is up to seventh as he looks to rescue his race, with Ocon in fourth as he pits ahead of Bottas and Sainz.

14:51 , Marc Mayo

Bottas is on old Mediums and loses third place to Verstappen at Turn 12, a sleek overtake in an unusual part of the track for the Red Bull with the team now surely within touching distance of a one-two finish...

Sainz pits from fifth for Mediums to potentially go to the end as we approach half-distance.

It’s not been a good few minutes for Ferrari or Ferrari-powered cars as Zhou retires his Alfa Romeo.

14:48 , Marc Mayo

Lap 31/66: So many what-ifs from this race... If Sainz hadn’t spun, if Hamilton hadn’t had that puncture...

The seven-time world champion clocks a fastest lap to go 12th in the race.

And up top Perez takes Russell into Turn 1 and has the lead of the grand prix!

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

14:46 , Marc Mayo

The Spanish Grand Prix is so often incredibly dull. Not this year so far. We’ve had a first-lap crash, two drivers spinning off at turn four, a constantly moaning Max Verstappen, a retired Charles Leclerc and now George Russell leading. He’s got the Red Bull of Sergio Perez breathing down his neck.

14:45 , Marc Mayo

Lap 29/66: Verstappen pits for fresh Softs to undercut Russell on what is surely a three-stopper. He comes out just ahead of Sainz in fourth.

Problem for Leclerc!

14:43 , Marc Mayo

“NO! Lost power!”

That Ferrari is struggling massively! He’s out and Verstappen is suddenly fighting Russell for the lead...

14:42 , Marc Mayo

Perez asks Red Bull to get Verstappen out of the way so he can attack Russell, having himself moved over earlier in the race.

With the Dutchman’s DRS not fully operational, Perez is still not allowed to have the position despite closing in the best part of four seconds to get on the tail of the battle for second.

14:39 , Marc Mayo

Lap 25/66: Russell fights brilliantly to hold onto second place!

Verstappen swooped around the outside at Turn 1 and put his car ahead yet found the Mercedes battling like stink to gently run him off as the track curved back right, and he held the inside line at Turn 4 to maintain track position!

14:36 , Marc Mayo

A 2.2-second stop keeps Leclerc far out in front as he stops for the Medium tyres, Russell back 5.5 seconds and on older tyres as the Ferrari gets back on track.

Perez is fourth and four seconds behind Verstappen, followed by Bottas, Ocon, Sainz, Norris, Tsunoda and Alonso to complete the top ten.

14:31 , Marc Mayo

Lap 19/66: Perez pits to drop back to fourth as Verstappen rails against the “unbelievable” DRS failure while following Russell.

Once again, he gets shut off by the Mercedes into Turn 1 but even a minor Russell error on the corner exit failed to provide an overtaking window.

When Leclerc pits, he will have half a minute to spare. Cruising.

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

14:29 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen with his first radio moan of the race regarding his malfunctioning DRS. I spoke to Christian Horner earlier this weekend who says he actually enjoys Verstappen’s radio whinges to race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase - merely shows his determination to win, he says.

The only time it overstepped the mark was at the sprint race at Imola after which Lambiase refused to speak to his driver. The Dutchman patched things over by fetching him an ice cream and apologising for his outburst apparently.

14:27 , Marc Mayo

Those DRS issues are back for Verstappen as his rear-wing device opens and immediately shuts on the start/finish straight as he chases Russell.

Confirmation of the problem over team radio earns a, shall we say, discontented reply from Verstappen...

Leclerc is over 16 seconds up the road from Perez, neither of whom have pitted yet.

14:23 , Marc Mayo

Lap 14/66: Russell and Verstappen both pit with barely 0.1 seconds between the two crews as the Mercedes keeps his advantage, before leaping out of the pit lane nicely on his new Mediums.

Meanwhile Sainz takes Norris to go ninth and Hamilton is still stuck right back in 17th...

14:21 , Marc Mayo

With the air temperature a roasting 37°C, cars begin to pit for fresh tyres, including Sainz. The Mediums are on for the Softs.

Verstappen is moved past Perez to take third and chase Russell, who is complaining of overheating messages on his dashboard. But there are issues for the Dutchman with DRS issues returning from qualifying.

Further back, Norris is doing well and takes Schumacher for seventh place.

It’s all going off in Barcelona!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:18 , Marc Mayo

Lap 10/66: That has dumped Verstappen right behind Perez, who was hot on the heels of Russell - the Mercedes now running second and almost ten seconds off leader Leclerc.

What will Red Bull do with their reigning world champion now stuck in fourth?

Verstappen spins off!

14:16 , Marc Mayo

Just like Sainz, Verstappen hits the gravel at Turn 4! Unbelievable.

His car just refuses to slow down and he returns to the track before Russell and Perez - team radio blaming a “large gust” pushing him wide...

Sainz in the gravel!

14:13 , Marc Mayo

Just as the home fans roar at Alonso overtaking Vettel, the picture flicks to a Ferrari off the track at Turn 4!

That was an unforced error as he spins off, but manages to keep going. “Check the tyres,” he asks his team.

That’s now 11th place for the Spaniard...

14:12 , Marc Mayo

Lap 6/66: Schumacher is dropping back as Bottas jumps him for sixth and now Ocon moves through - with Alonso already in 14th and pushing Vettel despite starting in last.

Meanwhile, Hamilton tells his team to retire his damaged car. “I would save the engine guys,” he tells team radio but is told to carry on with eighth place still a possibility.

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

14:10 , Marc Mayo

That start sums up the differing 2022 seasons so far for Mercedes’ two drivers. George Russell has a cracking start, the Mercedes looks to have good race pace and he has his sights set on another podium.

In contrast, his teammate is nearly a minute behind the leaders after his coming together with Kevin Magnussen for which there will be no further action from the race stewards.

14:08 , Marc Mayo

Lap 4/66: No safety car or anything for Magnussen spinning off but managing to continue, we continue with Leclerc ahead of Verstappen. A poor start from Sainz has him in fifth, behind Russell and Perez.

Schumacher in the Haas is the big winner and holds seventh as he chases his first-ever F1 points finish!

“Lewis rammed me, he knew what he was doing,” said Magnussen over team radio after the Hamilton bump.

14:05 , Marc Mayo

Trouble for Hamilton! A puncture looks to be dropping him down through the pack having run in sixth...

The Brit is bottom with a front-left blowout after Magnussen tagged him.


14:04 , Marc Mayo

Away we go and Leclerc covers off Verstappen to take the lead into the first turn!

Russell gets Perez to go third and Magnussen is into the gravel!

The formation lap begins!

14:01 , Marc Mayo

And Mercedes are confident...

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

13:59 , Marc Mayo

We’re within a degree of track temperatures hitting 50 here at the Circuit de Catalunya. Ferrari know they have both the practice and qualifying pace having dominated every session so far but there is genuine concern in their garage about the durability of their rear tyres.

There was even talk of a tyre splitting earlier this weekend.

The strategy picture

13:55 , Marc Mayo

The baking Barcelona sunshine will make tyre degradation and overheating a serious part of today’s race. Here is how Pirelli expect the pit stops to unfold...

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

13:52 , Marc Mayo

If you want to get a sense of the Drive to Survive impact, it's in abundance over at Haas.

The most sought-after selfie prior to the teams taking to the grid was that of Haas' maverick team principal Guenther Steiner, one of the undoubted stars of the series, as a queue of 20 people lined up outside the team's hospitality suite for a photograph.

13:48 , Marc Mayo

A string quintet play the national anthem as the drivers provide a key insight into the conditions we are racing in today.

Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso stand up front with the Ferrari man struggling to hold onto an umbrella as the wind picks up on the start/finish straight.

He has that umbrella to try and keep cool in the baking sun, George Russell behind him gripping an icy towel wrapped around his neck.

Alex Albon tells Sky: “Even on the lap to the grid the tyres were overheating!”

Qualifying recap

13:45 , Marc Mayo

Charles Leclerc pulled out a scintillating final lap to take pole position for Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix and continue his dominance at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend.

An uncharacteristic error at the end of his first flying lap in the third qualifying session left him with a single shot at pole at the death.

But he kept his cool to become the only man to go under 1:19 for a lap with a time of 1:18.750. He had looked destined for a qualifying shootout with Max Verstappen but the Dutchman complained of a loss of power and was ordered back to the pits.

Read the full story.

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

13:42 , Marc Mayo

Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has been an ever present at the Circuit de Catalunya for the past two days. He's back again today with his wife and two children as a guest of the Red Bull team.

Ironically, Max Verstappen is a big fan of Barcelona, who play tonight against Villarreal.

A turning point for Mercedes?

13:39 , Marc Mayo

George Russell starts fourth with Lewis Hamilton sixth as Mercedes look to make up for lost time, will this weekend prove the moment they can finally compete with Ferrari and Red Bull? Only time will tell...

Fernando Alonso previews his race

13:35 , Marc Mayo

“There is nothing to lose, we can only get better starting last and we will be aggressive and see the outcome. Hopefully Carlos can give the fans something extra from the front and I can give the fans a good show.”

More on the Aston-Red Bull saga

13:32 , Marc Mayo

Aston Martin have turned heads in Barcelona with a heavily upgraded car, which has echoes of the front-running Red Bull.

But they insist there is no foul play on their part and that the modified car had been given the all clear to compete this weekend.

A number of key Red Bull personnel were snapped up by Aston Martin in recent months, most notably Dan Fellows, head of aerodynamics at Red Bull and now technical director with the backmarkers.

Read the full story.

Matt Majendie in Barcelona

13:26 , Marc Mayo

It's worth noting that the row between Red Bull and Aston Martin looks likely to drag on past this weekend. The FIA had investigated claims that Aston Martin had copied the Red Bull but effectively cleared them of any initial cheating claims.

The matter, however, is not closed and rests with the lawyers of both teams so expect more twists and turns to come on that particular row.

To the grid!

13:23 , Marc Mayo

For the first time today, the engines are fired up and drivers get a runout in their cars before making their way to the starting grid.

Ross Brawn interview

13:20 , Marc Mayo

Matt caught up with Ross Brawn ahead of the race, he believes Lewis Hamilton’s approach this season has merely cemented his status as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

“These first few races he’s been looking for the solutions and, in doing so, he’s been ping-ponging around with different set-ups on the car, trying to reach the solutions,” said Formula 1’s managing director of racing.

“He’s probably sacrificing the races in a way to try to get the information and data that the team can use to solve the problem.”

Read the full story.

13:15 , Marc Mayo

A big chance for Daniel Ricciardo to earn a haul of points today after qualifying ninth on the grid, with Lando Norris back in 11th in the other McLaren. Miami certainly didn’t work in their favour in what has been a bit of a topsy-turvy season for the team.

13:08 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes can take the fight to Ferrari in today’s Spanish Grand Prix but that Red Bull will be in a class of their own.

Charles Leclerc produced an electric last lap to take pole and back up his position at the top of the times for the preceding three practice sessions.

But Ferrari have struggled more with tyre degradation than Red Bull at the last two races and, with track temperatures expected to be around 50 degrees Celsius, there are fears of a repeat.

Hamilton, who qualified in sixth, said: “[Friday] was like our best race pace that we had so, if we can start racing with the Ferraris for example, that will be amazing. I think the Red Bulls look like they may be the quickest. We might be able to compete with the Ferraris and that’s a big step for us.”

Read the full story.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

One hour until lights out!

13:00 , Marc Mayo

12:56 , Marc Mayo

Brief yourself on the Drivers’ Championship standings ahead of the race.

Read the full story.

The scene is set!

12:51 , Marc Mayo

The track parade is underway!

12:44 , Marc Mayo

12:39 , Marc Mayo

Mick Schumacher enjoyed a career-best qualifying for Haas on Saturday with a tenth-place start despite his car catching fire in third practice.

“Starting P10 we are already in the points so it’s just a matter of staying in it, if not maybe gaining a few positions through the front,” said Schumacher yesterday.

“I’m sure Barcelona already in the past has always been quite eventful, and not… because of the chance of overtaking but actually because it’s so difficult to overtake, so people risk a lot. We will see what will happen tomorrow.”

Alonso penalised

12:32 , Marc Mayo

Fernando Alonso will start at the back of the grid for today’s race after taking a fourth power unit of the season, relegating him back from 17th.

Lance Stroll, Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi benefit with an extra place from the start.

Back-to-back wins for Drugovich in F2

12:29 , Marc Mayo

Felipe Drugovich is building out a hefty lead in the Formula 2 championship after winning both races in Barcelona this weekend.

Weather update

12:19 , Marc Mayo

Zero per cent chance of rain in north-eastern Spain today with blazing sunshine set to provide shimmering conditions for the race.

The temperature is currently a toasty 32°C.

F1 correspondent Matt Majendie

12:14 , Marc Mayo

There's echoes of Fernando Alonso's heyday at the Circuit de Catalunya today. Back when he was fighting for the championship for Renault, the stands were awash with the team's colours and the blue flag of Asturias from which Alonso hails. It's back to those sorts of numbers in terms of the crowd - a capacity of 110,000 expected in.

While there are plenty of Spanish flags for Alonso and countryman Carlos Sainz, there's as much support for Max Verstappen with the usual flurry of travelling Dutch supporters.

How Leclerc bagged pole

12:13 , Marc Mayo

Starting grid

12:08 , Marc Mayo

How to watch

12:03 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: The race will be shown live on Sky Sports F1, with coverage beginning at 12.30pm before lights out at 2pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also tune in online via the Sky Go app.

Free highlights: Channel 4 will be airing full free-to-air race highlights at 6.30pm on Sunday evening.

Good afternoon!

11:55 , Marc Mayo

Welcome to the F1 Spanish Grand Prix!

Charles Leclerc starts on pole in a couple of hours’ time in what promises to be another intriguing race of the 2022 season.

Follow Standard Sport’s live blog for all the build-up, track action and reaction...