The Faces 'struggling' with comeback album

The Faces have been working on new material credit:Bang Showbiz
The Faces have been working on new material credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Rod Stewart has admitted The Faces are "struggling" with their comeback album.

The surviving members of the 'Stay With Me' group - which also includes guitarist Ronnie Wood and drummer Kenney Jones - were revealed to be recording new music in summer 2021 but fans have yet to hear it, and now the 'Maggie May' hitmaker has admitted he's been writing songs for the project though he is unsure what will happen to the tracks.

Asked the best unreleased song he's written, Rod told Vulture: "I’ve sent a lot of them to Ronnie Wood. I told him, 'This is stuff we’ve recorded with my band, maybe the Faces would like to do it instead?' We’re still struggling to make this album. We’ll see. Some of them might see the light of day."

The 79-year-old singer has "a lot of songs" that fans have never heard but he enjoys seeing how people react to his tunes when they are released.

He said: "There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I haven’t put out and nobody knows about them. My songs are like my children. I gave birth to them and then I put them out there in the world and see how they do."

Kenney previously explained The Faces' comeback record would be a "mixture of old and new".

He told Uncut magazine: “What we’ve decided to do is work on some of the original stuff that we didn’t use, so the album is going to be a mixture of old and new.

“The songs we’ve been revisiting are from right across the board.

“It’s very difficult to go into specifics because many of them didn’t even have titles.

“I think the fans may have heard certain things before and might recognise them.

“Ronnie and I, in particular, have been working on lots of the old stuff together and we’ve re-recorded a couple of those songs with more of a modern feel.”