Fact Check: Post Claims Princeton Scientists Made a 3D Model of the Biblical Eve. Here's the Truth

X user @XHabib
X user @XHabib


An image shows a Princeton University 3D model accurately depicting what Eve, the first woman created by God in the Bible, looked like.


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On May 4, 2024, X account @XHabib posted an image claiming to be a three-dimensional model of Eve, the first woman created by God in the Bible. The post received more than 5.5 million views and 1,600 likes, as of this writing.

The post did not support this claim with any corroborating evidence, and several users in the comments pointed out the resemblance of the 3D model to pop star Taylor Swift. "I thought the first set of humans would be, idk, hairier than this," wrote one commenter.

Although the post claims that "scientists at Princeton" reconstructed the model, a keyword Google search revealed no such publication from the university.

When the image was put through AI-detection software Hive, the result was 100% AI-generated.


The same X account posted similarly unfounded claims and images in the past, such as an apple tree that produced iPhones and another image that claimed to depict a 3D rendering of the biblical Adam. The format of the joke — scientists at a prestigious university have reconstructed a 3D model of a historical figure, paired with a rendering that resembles a celebrity — is a well-known meme.

In reality, there is no scientific evidence for the biblical Adam and Eve, let alone any physical identifiers for an actual human such as Eve that would allow scientists to render a 3D model. Fossil evidence indicates that our earliest ancestors were a part of a larger population; they were not alone on earth.

We've previously debunked a similar post that claimed scientists at Stanford University had reconstructed a 3D model of Joseph, father of Jesus Christ, that closely resembled French actor and wrestler André the Giant.


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