Fact Check: Posts Claim Walmart Announced All Its Locations Will Go Back to 24 Hours. Here's the Truth

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Walmart said it plans to resume 24-hour operations at its stores in June 2024.


Rating: False
Rating: False

In late May 2024, multiple XTikTok and Facebook posts claimed that retail giant Walmart would be resuming 24-hour operations at its stores — which the company halted during the COVID-19 pandemic — on June 3, 2024.

Some social media users cast doubt on the claim, however. "Walmart isn't opening 24 hours. I work there and I asked my manager. We are staying open 6am-11pm," one Facebook user commented.

We found no evidence that Walmart will be resuming 24-hour operations, and a company spokesman refuted the viral rumor. Therefore we have rated this claim "False."

Joe Pennington, a Walmart spokesman, told Snopes via email that there "are no current plans to return our stores to 24 hours of operations."

A similar rumor surfaced in 2022, receiving widespread attention. Walmart acknowledged the claim on X on July 29, 2022, telling a user who missed stores being open 24 hours that there was no plan to return to that schedule.

USA Today also fact-checked the rumor in August 2022, writing that "the retail giant told USA TODAY it has no plans to return to 24-hour operations."


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