Fact check: Rachel Reeves worked for the Bank of England for six years

A social media user has claimed that shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves only “briefly” worked at the Bank of England.

They wrote: “When did you work in the Bank of England? My research says you were only there briefly as a graduate hire…. @RachelReevesMP Certainly no true dates your Wikipedia page – all very very vague. Plagiarism again? Buffing a CV?”


Ms Reeves, 45, spent six years working for the Bank of England between 2000 and 2006.

The facts

A LinkedIn page which appears to belong to Ms Reeves says that she worked at the Bank of England between September 2000 and December 2006.

The Bank of England confirmed to the PA news agency that Ms Reeves worked for them during the dates on the LinkedIn page.

This includes a stint with the British Embassy in Washington DC, which was a secondment from the UK’s central bank – and which Ms Reeves talked about in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter, in August 2023.

Some of Ms Reeves’s time at the Bank can also be charted through papers she contributed to during her employment there.

In a December 2005 paper she is listed as part of the Bank’s structural economic analysis division, which matches the detail on the LinkedIn page.

She is also thanked for her contributions to a December 2001 speech by Charlie Bean, who was the Bank of England’s chief economist at the time.


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