Fact Check: Video Shows Mother Tearing Teacher's Pride Flag Off Wall in Public School Classroom?



A video authentically shows a mother entering a classroom in a U.S. public school and taking down a teacher's Progress Pride Flag that was covering a map of the U.S.


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Rating: Miscaptioned

In mid-September 2023, users on X (formerly Twitter) posted a video that appeared to show a mother entering a classroom in a public school and tearing a teacher's Progress Pride Flag off the wall.

One of the reposts of the video said, "They need to stop teaching this stuff to our children. Are you glad this mother did this? I am."

The video was also posted by multiple users on Truth Social. For example, the verified account @KarliBonne shared the clip with the caption, "O snap."

Sebastian Gorka, who previously served as national security aide to U.S. President Donald Trump, reposted the video on Truth Social, adding, "This Mama Bear has had ENOUGH!"

Other users on Truth Social said they wanted to see the teacher thrown off the school's roof, slapped, fired and jailed, just to name a few users' desired outcomes.

"Our entire nation has had enough of these WOKE, brainwashed, mentally deranged teachers," one Truth Social commenter said. "Time to home school your children or put them in private schools."

Another person remarked, "This is how we fight back .. this is how we take our country back from depravity and globalism."

"Good for her. Enough is enough," others said.

However, the truth of the matter was that the video was nothing more than a planned skit. All of the people appearing on screen were acting, as drafted Community Notes indicated on X (formerly Twitter).

The video appeared to have originally been posted on Facebook on Sept. 16 by Jibrizy, a user who labeled his account as being a "comedian." His page showed more than 11 million followers.

At the end of the original video, Jibrizy tells viewers, "Hey guys. This was all a skit. What was your opinion in the situation where the mother came down and took down the flag saying that her tax dollars isn't here to support this particular thing in school? Comment down below."


In AFP.com's fact check of the video, the site cited not only the @ElonMuskAOC parody account post, but also mentioned that both Megyn Kelly of "The Megyn Kelly Show" and U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., both posted that they believed the clip showed a genuine interaction between a mother and a teacher.

Four minutes after Greene's first post, she added in a second post, "If this is a fake or a skit, it's a very good representation of exactly how people feel."

The reporting from AFP.com also mentioned that a number of other videos were shot on the same classroom set and with some of the same people serving as actors. Those videos appeared on a page named Kenyon's Friends.


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