Fake Biden poster ROASTING Trump for dancing like he's getting down with dudes has us CACKLING

Donald Trump is being roasted by the internet for his weird dance style in a viral fake Joe Biden campaign poster
Donald Trump is being roasted by the internet for his weird dance style in a viral fake Joe Biden campaign poster

We may have found the best campaign poster ever made!

This presidential campaign season has felt never-ending, and yet it’s somehow only May. Occasionally, an intrepid internet denizen brightens the political landscape with a meme so good we can’t help but laugh.

Today, an X user (formerly Twitter) who goes by the handle Spiro’s Ghost posted a fake Joe Biden campaign poster that mocks Donald Trump’s dancing style in the most hilarious way possible.

For those not in the know, Trump has been seen awkwardly dancing countless times, but at a campaign rally in 2020, he was caught on film dancing to YMCA in a way that has been inspiring memes ever since.

The fake campaign poster that is currently going viral on X — it has already been viewed more than 190,000 times at the time of this writing — features Biden smiling in front of a forest backdrop with the words “Biden: He doesn’t dance like jacking off two dudes” emblazoned on top.

This may be the most accurate description of Trump’s dancing we’ve ever read. How someone manages to dance like an awkward straight white guy at the back of his high school reunion and look like he’s servicing two men at the same time is beyond us. Maybe he got some pointers from Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Considering how much of Trump’s persona among the MAGA crowd is based on being a virile straight man who can pull any chick he wants, this joke is especially funny.

Of course, this parody campaign poster prompted hilarious reactions from the internet. The gifs of Trump dancing with animated penises added in will have you laughing out loud, as will comments like, “Vonshitzinpants by day, Vondickzinhandz by night,” which is a fabulous reference to Trump being called VonShitzinPants in open court during his hush-money trial. Another person wrote that “Trump is going to challenge him to a dance competition now” — now, that’s something we’d pay to see! And someone else commented, “Trump practicing jerking off two cellmates at the same time.” We’d love for Trump to get the chance to act that one out in real life.

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