How to fall asleep faster in hot weather according to expert

A woman struggling to sleep in the hot weather
A woman struggling to sleep in the hot weather -Credit:Shared Content Unit

If you're struggling to get some sleep in this scorching weather an expert's simple trick could help you catch those much-needed Zzzs faster.

The dreary winter of rain and more rain seems to have finally given way to the glorious return of the sun. In fact, parts of the UK are set to hit a staggering 26C while Liverpool saw highs of 23C today.

While a bit of sunshine is always a welcome sight for people eager to spend their evenings in a beer garden or on a lounger, trying to sleep in a hot, stuffy room can be a nightmare.

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Ashley Hainsworth of Bed Kingdom cautions that taking a "cool or lukewarm" shower, while tempting, won't actually aid your sleep or leave you feeling relaxed. In fact, cold showers "may keep you energised for longer" and won't really cool you down properly, reports the Mirror.

The expert said: "Taking a warm or hot shower will help your body cool down more quickly, as you release more body heat through your extremities such as your hands and feet, which helps lower your core body temperature and make it easier to fall asleep.

"A bath may also be the perfect remedy after a long, hot day as it can cool you down and relax you."

Hainsworth further noted that a night-time shower is also an excellent way to wash off any "sweat and oil" from the day, as well as pollen. This will not only help you "sleep better", but also combat those pesky hay fever symptoms.

If you're struggling to keep cool after a refreshing shower, the bedding expert suggests leaving your windows open throughout the night. However, he warns: "Be cautious of any additional noise issues or security concerns that this might result in, and make sure you employ any necessary preventative measures to deal with potential allergens and insects coming inside".

To avoid an invasion of bugs in your bedroom, it's recommended to switch off all lights when dusk falls and take an antihistamine if you're concerned about hay fever symptoms. The expert advised: "If it's very hot outside, shutting windows altogether may be a better option as it will be cooler indoors.

"If you decide to keep your windows shut, try opening doors intermittently so that the room is as well-ventilated as possible and doesn't become stuffy."

There are also other easy tricks to stay cool at night, such as changing your winter bedding for a lighter alternative, wearing breathable pyjamas and placing a frozen water bottle or ice packs in front of a fan. This will help cool the air down as it passes over, giving you the effect of a mini air-con unit.

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