A Fallout Brotherhood of Steel theory suggests a major season 2 spoiler could be hiding in plain sight


The Fallout TV show could be hiding a surprise spoiler in plain sight – and it’s one that fans of Fallout: New Vegas would do well to pay close attention to.

Redditor OmegaSpartan256 posits a theory that will make you sit up and take notice (with a quick nod to PC Gamer for the spot). The quick version? That the Brotherhood of Steel has merged with New Vegas faction Caesar’s Legion.

For the uninitiated – or those who haven’t yet stepped foot in New Vegas – Caesar’s Legion were a major group in the 2010 Obsidian RPG, one that prided itself on its Roman aesthetic. The faction swore fealty to Caesar, who self-styled himself as the son of Roman god Mars, and gave themselves Latin and Roman names such as Lucius and Gaius.

It’s here where the theory comes in. The Brotherhood of Steel in the Prime Video show all have oddly unique names by the time they rise through the ranks in the group: Maximus, Titus, and Thaddeus are just a handful of the ones they know.

As the Reddit user goes on to suggest, the religious zealotry – such as branding – also makes it even more convincing that remnants of Caesar’s Legion has moved in and shaped the Brotherhood of Steel’s western branch to their liking.

Then, there’s the kicker: the Brotherhood of Steel’s red-and-yellow flag, which is seen occasionally throughout the first season. Who else uses that same color scheme? Hint: it’s not the Brotherhood of Steel in any other Fallout media; no, it’s Caesar’s Legion.

Honestly? We’re convinced. With the Fallout season 1 ending being none-too-shy about setting up New Vegas as a location, it certainly feels like the Brotherhood of Steel hiding a Caesar’s Legion-shaped secret would be the perfect way to set the tone for the second season. Then, the potential for what’s next feels endless: Brotherhood of Steel Civil War, a (re) emergence of a new force in the wasteland, and picking up the pieces from New Vegas itself.

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