Families warned to 'avoid' one dog breed and it's not XL Bully or Rottweiler

One dog breed ALL young families should avoid has been revealed by a dog expert - and it isn't the XL Bully. A dog expert warns most young families should steer clear of one breed - and it's not the XL Bully or a Rottweiler or an Alsatian.

Niki French, pup trainer and owner of PupTalk, says it is Border Collies she is most concerned about. She told The Mirror: "There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a dog in the wrong environment that doesn't have the skills it needs to feel safe and relaxed.

"If a dog is scared, or in pain, any dog can bite. Genetics plays a huge role in how a dog will behave in any home in the future. If both of a puppy's parents are calm and relaxed around children, there is a much greater likelihood, in a lovely home, that the puppy will grow up to be the same.

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"People need to be aware of certain breeds traits, like a Working Collie may want to try and herd and nip at the heels of people in the home. This may be harder to manage with an excitable toddler, compared to when your nan comes over to visit."

Dog attacks have risen by more than a third in the past five years – there were about 22,000 cases of injury by an out of control dog in 2022, up from just over 16,000 in 2018. There are an estimated 13 MILLION pet dogs in Britain.

57 per cent of households in the UK own a pet and 49 per cent of households consider pets as part of the family. The monthly cost of keeping pets ranges from £35 to £70, according to previous research conducted by the World Animal Foundation a few years back.