Family confronts carer who slapped and abused their dementia-suffering mum on camera

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the shocking moment an elderly woman with dementia was physically and verbally abused by her own carer.

Stacey George, 46, was filmed telling 78-year-old Sabina Marsden, “God you stink” and snatching a blanket from her knee leaving her half-naked and sobbing.

The Italian-born grandmother-of-two and widow can be heard saying “Mamma Mia” while George hits her five times while sitting on the sofa.

Mrs Marsden’s daughter Gina Owen watched the shocking abuse in real time as it was live-streamed to her mobile phone.

Stacey George was filmed verbally and physically abusing dementia-sufferer Sabina Marsden (SWNS)
Mrs Marsden’s daughter Gina Owen confronted the carer after watching it on a secret camera (SWNS)

Gina, 46, who works in a nearby electrical shop, is seen on the video bursting into the room to comfort her tearful mum while ordering George to get out.

The carer nonchalantly scoffs the rest of her pudding before picking up her handbag and walking out of the room.

The family took the video to the police but George was only handed a caution after she admitted assaulting Mrs Marsden on June 13 last year.

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Yesterday, Mrs Marsden’s family released the video of the shocking attack to warn other families about George in case she is continuing to work as a carer.

Gina said: “Within ten minutes of my sister Mandy leaving the house I was watching it on my phone and she slapped my mum four or five times.

“We only put the camera in because we thought she was being lazy.

Mrs Marsden was left sobbing after George pulled a blanket away from her (SWNS)
Gina comforted her mother after confronting George (SWNS)

“I didn’t expect to see that, I was shocked. I felt sick.”

Reacting to the caution that George received, Gina added: “If I hit her that day I would have been a lot worse off than her.

“I’m not happy she got a caution because mum was just sat there not doing anything.

“My mum doesn’t speak, she’s Italian, all she said was ‘mamma mia’ when she got hit.

“My mum couldn’t hit her back or nothing.

George is no longer with Mega Care (SWNS)

“She couldn’t tell us – if that camera wasn’t up I think it’s been going on a lot longer than when that camera was fitted, from when my dad died.

“I’m just glad that camera has been put in place and she’s been caught.”

Mrs Marsden, from Kettering, Northants., suffers from dementia as well as being diabetic and partially blind.

George worked as Mrs Marsden’s carer for Kettering-based Mega Care for almost two years.

Mega Care’s chief operating officer Winner Lawal said George has since left the company.

He added: “We are appalled and disgusted by the actions of this ex-staff member.

“Of the 22 months that we cared for Sabina, this same staff member provided more than 96 per cent of the total visits. Sabina was the only service user cared for by this member of staff.”

Northamptonshire Police said they would meet the family to discuss their decision not to pursue further charges against George.

The family are now pursuing legal action against Mega Care.