Family Hosts Art Show to Encourage 5-Year-Old's Creativity

A five-year-old boy was the center of attention at his home in Chicago, Illinois, after his adoptive parents and birth mother came together to host an art reception showcasing his work.

The heart-warming video was recorded by Maryellen Kandu and shows little Kendrick’s masterpieces framed and displayed. Photographs also show the boy sealing art deals with friends and family.

Kandu told Storyful that she was Kendrick’s birth mother, and that she had a close relationship with the boy’s adoptive parents, with visits being frequently organized.

“We always try to come up with ways to support and encourage him,” she said.

Kandu said that the reception “really helped bring out [Kendrick’s] creativity” and that the boy was proud when the event turned out to be a success, with people bidding on each piece.

“We hope more children can show their artwork in ways like this, as it boosts their self-esteem,” she said. Credit: Maryellen Kandu via Storyful

Video transcript