Family of three 'amazingly' escapes injury after mother and child fall into path of oncoming Tube train

Lucky escape – the mother and child fell into the path of an oncoming Tube train at Baker Street Station (Picture: PA)

A family of three has had a miraculous escape after a mother and child fell into the path of an oncoming London Underground train.

It’s thought that the woman was walking along the platform pushing her child in a buggy when she accidentally pushed buggy over the edge as she looked up at the indicator board.

British Transport Police (BTP) said it appeared the woman hadn’t realised how close she was to the edge of the platform when the accident happened just before 10.15pm at Baker Street Underground Station.

She, the buggy and the child fell on to the track, then the father jumped down to help them, police said.

Luckily, all three managed to squeeze into a pit under the track as a train sped towards them, passing over the top of them.

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BTP said: “When they saw a train coming, all three were extremely fortunate in being able to move into a pit under the track and the train passed safely over the top of them.

“Amazingly none of them were seriously hurt, but as a precaution they were taken to hospital for check-ups.”