Family of young person at centre of Huw Edwards scandal ‘still suffering’

Huw Edwards
On Monday, the BBC announced that Edwards had resigned after allegations he paid the young person for sexually explicit photos

The mother of the young person at the centre of the Huw Edwards scandal has said her family is “still suffering” and “still have so many questions”.

On Monday, the BBC announced that Edwards had resigned following allegations he paid the young person for sexually explicit photos.

Edwards, 62, has been absent from screens since the story broke and his wife previously said he was receiving in-patient hospital care and suffering “serious mental health issues”.

In an interview with The Sun, the mother of the young person said: “This isn’t the end for us.

“We’re also suffering and have been immensely for nearly a year. We still have so many questions and need the BBC to answer them.”

In a statement on Monday, the BBC said: “Huw Edwards has today resigned and left the BBC.

“After 40 years of service, Huw has explained that his decision was made on the basis of medical advice from his doctors.

The BBC has accepted his resignation, which it believes will allow all parties to move forward. We don’t believe it appropriate to comment further.”

‘My heart is broken’

In February, the corporation apologised to the family after a review of how it handled non-editorial complaints.

A report, commissioned in the wake of the scandal, found a need for “greater consistency” in how complaints are processed.

The family of the unnamed young person originally complained to the BBC in May 2023.

Edwards was then publicly named by his wife in July as the presenter at the centre of the allegations.

He was suspended by the corporation but the Metropolitan Police said that same month that no criminal offence had taken place.

The mother of the young person said the family was sent an email from the BBC on Monday with its statement on Edwards.

It added: “Thank you for raising your concerns and participating in our investigation.”

However, she said she also needed to know whether Edwards had cooperated with their additional investigation into his conduct.

“We are worried that we won’t get answers now Huw’s resigned yet we desperately need them.

“If he’s been found to have done something wrong, no action can be taken. My heart is broken.”

‘It’s been a year of pain’

She added: “This has been a traumatic time we feel hasn’t been resolved. We want closure. This doesn’t take us any closer to it.

“The BBC’s statement said it wants all parties to move on. We want that more than anything but how can we? I don’t think anyone appreciates the hell we’ve been through.

“He’s walked away but we are still living through this nightmare. It’s been a year of pain.”

She added: “We feared this would happen. We can’t just have none of our questions answered. I just want my family to be reunited and for us all to get closure too.”

Edwards was the BBC’s highest-paid newsreader, with a pay bracket of £435,000-£439,999 in the year 2022-23, according to the corporation’s most recent annual report.

This was up from £410,000-£414,000 the year before and made him the fourth highest-paid employee on the overall list.

Edwards had long been a fixture in the corporation’s coverage of major political and royal events.

He presented the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and Platinum Jubilee in 2022, the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (now the Prince and Princess of Wales) in 2011, the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in 2018, and the funeral of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 2021.

He announced Queen Elizabeth II’s death on the BBC and presented coverage of her funeral.

He also anchored the BBC’s broadcast of the King’s Coronation last year and took over election coverage from the long-serving David Dimbleby in 2019.

The BBC confirmed Edwards has not received a payoff.