Family's fears as The Quarrymen's Len Garry 'imprisoned' in hospital

Family of Len Garry say they 'just want him home'
Family of Len Garry say they 'just want him home' -Credit:Jane Garry

The family of The Quarrymen's Len Garry say they "just want him home," as they watch their dad deteriorate while 'imprisoned in hospital.'

Len, 82, wa rushed to hospital almost seven weeks ago - on March 17 - with a hernia. Despite being told he is fit and well enough to go home the legendary bass player remains stuck in hospital, as his worried family watch him deteriorate.

His daughter, Jane Garry, 47, told the ECHO: "My dad has a hernia and sometimes it plays up. He was admitted to Aintree Hospital because of the hernia, but was told he was fit to be discharged and there was no need to operate on it. Two weeks later he was taken to hospital again, this time the Royal [hospital] and he has been stuck there for seven weeks.

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"We have been begging the hospital to let him come home. He has been there for seven weeks now, we have been told there is no need to operate on his hernia and that he is well enough and can go home. But he can't be discharged until a social worker signs him off - which we have been waiting for for weeks.

"They [the doctors] said there would need to be a meeting set up with the family, a consultant and a social worker for his discharge. The meeting had been set up, but the morning of the meeting my sister got a phone call to say that it had been cancelled. By chance my sister bumped into the consultant in the hospital - when she was visiting my dad - and he said 'oh I hear you had the meeting.'

"We had not had a meeting, the social worker had the meeting without us and decided behind our back that he is going into a home. My mother was distraught. We were so stressed when we were told this. There is no need for him to go into a nursing home. We have everything at home for him. When he went into hospital, we got a hospital bed and everything he needs, delivered at home for his return.

"We have all been panicking thinking they are putting him in a home and that this is going to be the end of his life, he doesn't need to be in a home. You hear of hospitals needing beds, there are literally people in the corridors in the hospital that need a bed and my dad has one when he could be at home."

Jane claims she has witnessed her dad deteriorate while he has been 'imprisoned' in hospital. She says he has stopped eating, drinking, and his body has gone weak as he hasn't been able to move. She said: "The problem during all this time is my dad is deteriorating, he is not eating the hospital food so he is withdrawing in himself. It is really sad to see, he just wants to be home. We just want him home.

"The NHS are crying out for hospital beds and there are families in the same boat as my dad, waiting on social workers to discharge them when they can be released to come home. We have just seen such a dark side to this process."

Jane says her mum has been distraught throughout the whole process, she added: "We feel like we are losing our dad and we have no control over it, he only went in because of his hernia and we have just watched him deteriorate while he has been in there, and now they want to put him in a home and we have no control over it.

"We are very worried about his mental health, he is not eating or drinking. He hasn't walked for months now, he isn't even able to stand up anymore because he has been stuck in bed."

Len's oldest daughter, Ruth Garry, 51, who has been visiting the hospital twice a day, added: "I go in twice a day to make sure he is eating and drinking, my mum is very stressed with everything. I think it is the not knowing that is worse.

"We don't know what is going on at all with the social worker, we are being kept in the dark. We just want him home but they give us an excuse every time.

"The longer he is there the less he is getting up and about, meaning he is deteriorating more. Being in this bed this amount of time is making him worse, his muscles are deteriorating. I have to go to the hospital to make sure my dad eats and has enough to drink.

"We just need him home. It's very worrying and stressful. It's affecting my dad mentally, he seems a lot more confused since being in there."

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said: “Liverpool City Council Adult Social Care Services have been working with this person and his family to carefully plan their discharge from hospital, with the appropriate support. Several different professionals have been involved in identifying how best to meet his needs to ensure a safe discharge.

"This has been a complex case and the council acknowledges and apologises for the length of time this process has taken, however it is important that robust plans are put in place by the multidisciplinary team to ensure a safe discharge. The Council will continue to support this individual and his family with his onward care arrangements.”

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