Famous Boston Bald Eagle Treated for Poisoning Symptoms

A bald eagle known for frequenting the Mystic River in the Boston area was treated by staff at the New England Wildlife Center (NEWC) in Weymouth, Massachusetts; veterinarians suspect that the bird ate a poisoned rodent.

The eagle, colloquially known as MK, was found in ill health in Arlington on Monday, February 27, according to NEWC.

In a Facebook post, NEWC said that MK remains in critical condition after suspected anticoagulant rodenticide poisoning, which occurs when an animal eats a rodent that has already ingested poison.

“Our veterinary team will be by her side and monitoring her closely as we try to get her through this,” the caption read.

MK frequents the Mystic River with fellow bald eagle KZ, and the pair have had a children’s book written about them. Credit: New England Wildlife Center via Storyful

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