Fan-casting an 'All Baddies' season of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars'

Luxx Noir London, Plane Jane & Gia Gunn
Luxx Noir London, Plane Jane & Gia Gunn

This week Drag Race star Mistress Isabelle Brooks proposed an idea online that captured our imaginations.

“I think we’re ready for Baddies: Drag Race edition... who should be on the cast?” she asked on X (formerly Twitter) tagging Bad Girls Club alum Natalie Nunn.

While we never want to see our queens go full Bad Girls Club — after all, we are casting baddies, not villains — we do appreciate a queen with some, edge who can read like a librarian and serve a Charisma-Uniqueness-Nerve-and-TalentY lewk on the runway if you know what we mean.

Seriously though, just imagine the runways, the talking heads, the Untucked of it all. Instantly iconic. So who makes the final cut for our dream baddies cast? Keep scrolling.

Mistress Isabelle Brooks (Season 15)

Well of course the notorious MIB must be cast in a season of baddies, she reads everyone to filth and serves big girl excellence. This is her baddie era.

Plane Jane (Season 16)

No one reads with more of a rascally twinkle in her eye than Miss Plane. As if transported from an early Drag Race season Plane Jane took us back to the old-school Untucked era where reading and drama were indeed fundamental, and we applaud her for it.

Gia Gunn (Season 6 & All Stars 4)

Look up baddie in the dictionary and you will see none other than the original boom-boom Gunn herself. Great one-liners, shady moments, and stunning looks abound.

Kandy Muse (Season 13 & All Stars 8)

Kandy's face is stamped, the fashions are always fashioning, and she will tell you EXACTLY how it is at all times. We have no choice but to stan.

Luxx Noir London (Season 15)

We lived her confidence, delusion, and ability to always give fashion. Her talking heads were delightful shady and we would love nothing more than to see a 40-inches gate rematch. On that note...

Irene “The Alien” Dubois (Season 15)

... Oh yes, if we have Luxx we must also have Irene back in the Werk Room. Her time on the show was cut shockingly short and we have always felt so robbed of the wicked shade she was about to unleash. A baddies season would give her license to do her worst, and see her well-matched in the library!

Maddy Morphosis (Season 14)

Maddy’s dry humor may have been misunderstood during her time in season 14, but now in this post Give it to me Straight era the fandom is ready to appreciate this delightfully witty queen, who isn't afraid to let those other hoes have it!

Willam (Season 4)

I mean... obviously.

Violet Chachki (Season 7)

Violet has never held back her reads and opinions on her podcast No Gorge, Fashion Photo Ruview, or The Pit Stop. We love it, but now we want to see it in real-time in the Werk Room.

Tatiana (Season 2 & All Stars 2)

The queen of being unafraid to call out a competitor on the main stage, Tatiana is the epitome of nerve. Which may be the most important ingredient of being a baddie. Add to that the fact that she is stunning and leaving her out, would be “choices.”

Roxxxy Andrews (Season 5, All Stars 2, All Stars 9)

We’re and we’re here to make it clear, that it isn't a baddie season without Roxxxy here. Period.

Derrick Berry (Season 8 & All Stars 5)

We live for Derrick and her inability to ever hold her tongue. That is exactly the fearless authentic, shady vibes that give us LIFE.

Tamisha Iman (Season 13)

She’s an icon, a legend, and no one to be trifled with — just ask Tina Burner, Bob, or Monet. We want this queen back on our TVs.

Bosco (Season 14)

We only got a hint of Bosco’s spooky side — but we did get plenty of her shady one — and we want more.

Daya Betty (Season 14)

Another queen who feels plucked from an early Drag Race season Daya Betty was a fierce competitor, and would let the girls have it.

Detox (Season 5 & All Stars 2)


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Baddie personified. Crown it and you’re welcome.