Fans beg for ‘Ashlee Simpson comeback’ after singer makes rare return to stage at Demi Lovato concert

Ashlee Simpson has sent fans into a nostalgic tizzy, begging her to make a “comeback” after she joined Demi Lovato on stage in a surprise duet performance of her 2004 hit song “La La”.

The 37-year-old singer and younger sister of Jessica Simpson became a 2000s pop icon with her debut album, Autobiography.

However, since the release of her last album, Bittersweet World, in 2008, Simpson has remained considerably absent from the music world.

That is until Thursday (29 September), when the “Pieces of Me” singer made a rare return to stage during Lovato’s Los Angeles Holy Fvck tour concert.

Lovato fans went wild when she transitioned her own track “La La Land” to Simpson’s “La La” before announcing, “Please give it up for Ashlee Simpson”.

The screaming audience welcomed Simpson on stage as she harmonised her alt-pop song with Lovato. Clips of the reunification have been shared across Twitter, with fans requesting an “Ashlee reprisal”.

“My nine-year-old a** would have never believed I would have witnessed this live,” one person wrote, with another commenting: “My childhood heart is currently bursting.”

A second commented: “The world is ready for an Ashlee Simpson comeback,” as a third requested her “reprisal” “stat”.

“Manifesting Autobiography 20-year anniversary tour,” journalist Matt Stopera posted, reminiscent of a 2009 tweet Lovato shared, which reads: “I wish Ashlee Simpson would do another album.”

Holy Fvck is out now.