Fans Are Paying Tribute To LGBTQ+ Icon And Adult Film Star Sophie Anderson Who Has Died

Sophie Anderson (C) attends Pride In Manchester 2021
Sophie Anderson (C) attends Pride In Manchester 2021

Sophie Anderson (C) attends Pride In Manchester 2021

Adult film star and LGBTQ+ icon Sophie Anderson has passed away, according to reports. She was 36 years old.

The mother-of-four’s death was first announced on Monday night by her friend and collaborator, Rebecca More, who shared a tribute on Instagram.

“I’m devastated hearing the awful news of Sophie’s passing,” she wrote. “We shared some amazing times together and that’s how I’m going to remember her. The bubbly, funny, kind hearted soul who was outrageous on the outside but also so gentle behind closed doors.”

More and Anderson were collectively known to their fans as The C**k Destroyers, after going viral in 2018 for a video in which they referred to themselves as such. This clip and a number of follow-up videos helped their online fanbase grow, particularly within the queer community.

Anderson’s death comes just two weeks after that of her husband, fellow porn performer and former Crystal Palace player Oliver Spedding, known within the industry as Damian Oliver.

Sophie had been working in the adult industry since 2017, but gained widespread popularity after teaming up with More. The pair even launched an online reality competition together – dubbed Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer – which was produced by gay porn site, The two also collaborated on a video for Netflix, inspired by the TV series Sex Education.

Anderson was particularly well-known for her 32JJ silicone breast implants, one of which became infected and later exploded last year, which left her fighting for life with sepsis.

Even though she made a full recovery, Anderson was left unhappy with the results of the corrective procedure she received in Belgium.

Today, Anderson is being remembered by fans for her kindness, her sex-positive attitude, her LGBTQ+ advocacy and her hilarious antics.