Fans Rally Around Gordon Ramsay After Horrific Accident

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Fans Rally Around Gordon Ramsay After AccidentGordon Ramsay / Instagram

Gordon Ramsay is counting his blessings following a scary cycling accident that could have ended way worse for the celebrity chef. In an Instagram post uploaded over the weekend, Ramsay revealed that he had been riding his bike in Connecticut when the accident occurred.

Despite looking like a "purple potato" due to a large bruise on his abdomen, the Food Stars host thankfully didn't break any bones or suffer any life-threatening injuries. While sharing his story, a visibly shaken up Ramsay was adamant about the importance of wearing a helmet. He even included a photo of his battered post-accident helmet in his Instagram post.

"Honestly, you've got to wear a helmet. I don't care how short the journey is. I don't care the fact that these helmets cost money. But they're crucial. Even with the kids, a short journey, they've got to wear a helmet. Now, I'm lucky to be standing here," he revealed.

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Gordon Ramsay / Instagram

After sharing his emotional message, Ramsay was swarmed with messages of support from fellow celebs and well-wishing fans.

"Glad you’re okay! Thank God for that helmet," Dr. Phil wrote.

"🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 I’m glad you're safe Chef, who God Bless no man can curse," said Chef Scotley Innis, a former contestant on Hell's Kitchen.

"Get well soon mate," professional cyclist Mark Cavendish added.

"Jefe I am beyond grateful for this message and that you’re OK. Sending so much love. Happy Father’s Day," wrote chef Aaron Sanchez from MasterChef.

"Chef!! Speedy recovery," wrote Nyesha Arrington from Next Level Chef.

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Gordon Ramsay / Instagram

Others on social media urged the restaurateur to take it easy following the accident.

"I'm relieved you're alive. Please, take a rest. Don't shoot for TV shows. That bruise is big. It must be still very painful. And your hand were still shaking. Take care," read one comment.

"Important message and very glad you’re OK Gordon. Rest up," another use wrote.

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