Fans rave about Your Honor on Netflix, calling it the 'best show they've ever seen'

The thriller series was released back in 2020
-Credit: (Image: Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME)

Viewers of Netflix are going wild recommending a show they've touted as "the best they've ever watched". A subscriber in the popular Facebook group Netflix Bangers took to the platform to say: "Whoever said to watch #YourHonor on Netflix, I hope god blesses you with a flat stomach and surprises you with your Shein cart paid in full! This series is incredible! I'm hooked!"

In response to this post another viewer added: "Seriously incredible. Watched the first [three] episodes then had to stop so I could re-start it with my husband! He's hooked now too! We're literally watching it right now!" One thrilled viewer said: "It's the best thing I have watched ever, absolutely brilliant," while another enthused: "I was hooked a few minutes into it! Like dang!"

Several others agreed that the show is "full of twists and turns," that they "can't stop watching" and that it was "absolutely fantastic" and "so good". A fan added: "So good! Don't think it's slow at all! Love all the plot twists!", reports the Daily Star.

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The official synopsis of the show reads: "A respected judge's life descends into a thorny web of lies and cover ups after his son flees a fatal car accident." This gripping thriller debuted in 2020 and is an adaptation of the Israeli TV series Kvodo.

The show, initially intended as a mini-series, was subsequently renewed for a second season. In January 2022 it was confirmed that this would be the final season of the critically acclaimed series, starring Bryan Cranston, Lilli Kay, Hunter Doohan, Hope Davis, Michael Stuhlbard and Carmen Ejogo. The plot revolves around Adam, the son of Bryan's character Michael, who flees from a hit-and-run incident involving a mafia family member. Michael, a judge, tries to conceal the incident, but they both become entangled in a situation far greater than themselves, all in an effort to shield Adam from legal repercussions.

Despite some viewers claiming they can't locate it on Netflix UK, the series is available to stream on NOW TV, Apple TV, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.