Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Movie And TV Moments With Martin Mull After His Death, And There Are Some Really Great Ones

 Charlie (Martin Mull) has a conversation with his friends on The Cool Kids.
Credit: Fox

Hollywood unfortunately lost yet another beloved star this past week. Veteran actor Martin Mull died at the age of 80 following “a valiant fight against a long illness,” as confirmed by his daughter. The ferociously funny actor’s career spanned decades and, in that time, he endeared himself to audiences through his winning performances. Fans are seemingly saddened by the star’s passing. However, they’re also paying tribute to Mull by sharing some of his best movie and TV moments, and a number of them are so great.

A number of actors would likely relish the opportunity to have a career that was as impressive as Martin Mull’s. He not only had a number of varied roles, but the projects he landed just happen to be amongst some of the most iconic titles of TV and cinema. One such notch on his belt was the hit comedy Arrested Development, on which he played the humorous role of private detective Gene Parmesan. Following Mull’s death one fan took to X to share a funny scene from the show. It depicts just one of the late star’s A+ moments with the late great Jessica Walter:

Fans may remember that the late Chicago native also memorably played the role of Col. Mustard in the big-screen adaptation of Clue. As a member of that brilliant ensemble, he dropped a few of the film’s timelessly funny quotes. You can hear one of those in the clip shared by someone else below:

One of the more eclectic entries in the actor’s filmography would have to be HBO’s The History of White People in America. Serving as writer, producer and host, he – alongside his colleagues – sought to provide a bit of satire and social commentary. Check out a moment from one of the vignettes:

Even when Martin Mull didn’t play a big part in a production, he still managed to make an impression through a cameo or supporting role. That was the case with the holiday romp Jingle All the Way (which some argue is top tier). Mull played the role of a radio host who finds himself caught in the middle of two guys’ hunt for an elusive toy. As noted by the person who posted the video below, he only had one scene, but he made the most of it:

Another comedic notch in the Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman alum’s belt is that of Principal Willard Kraft on teen sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The school official had his fair share of funny moments throughout the fan-favorite comedy. You can see one of them down below:

Some might also remember the time that Martin Mull memorably guest-starred on one of the best sitcoms of all time, The Golden Girls. His memorable Season 6 episode, which can be streamed with a Hulu subscription, saw him play a hippie suffering from agoraphobia. You can see a snippet from the installment, which shows him sharing the screen with the late Bea Arthur, for yourself:

And these posts just represent a few of the major credits that Mr. Mull could claim, as he also appeared on Taxi, The Larry Sanders Show, Two and a Half Men and even Danny Phantom. He also became famous for his role as the sardonic Leon Carp on Roseanne. The enduring popularity of that character is what prompted CinemaBlend’s own Nick Venable to wonder whether Leon would appear on The Conners – a spinoff of the aforementioned show. It would be a gross understatement to say that Mull will be missed though, if these social media posts are any indication, his body of work will not be forgotten.

We here at CinemaBlend extend our condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Martin Mull during this time.