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Fans thrilled by ‘hot’ Lee Pace in A24’s new Pete Davidson-starring slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies

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A24’s newest Pete Davidson-starring slasher film, Bodies Bodies Bodies, has received overwhelming praise from viewers who are particularly thrilled to see actor Lee Pace featured.

The horror comedy follows an affluent group of friends whose party game leads to murder. Pace and the former SNL cast member appear to star as the boyfriends of two of the teen girls.

Many fans have shared their positive thoughts on Twitter.

One called it a “ridiculously fun, sharp dark comedy thriller that just explodes from the seams with vision.”

A second user took a moment to commend “Lee Pace in Bodies Bodies Bodies… outstanding stuff. Very cool”.

“Goddamnit my timeline is about to be buried in those ‘Lee Pace spit on my mom’ tweets,” joked Popular Science’s Andrew Paul.

“The biggest take away from Bodies Bodies Bodies is that Lee Pace is hot,” said another fan.

One more added: “Oh yeah! Any appearance by Lee Pace is always greatly appreciated. Pushing Daisies fans unite!”

Pace is an American actor known for his roles as Thranduil the Elvenking in The Hobbit trilogy, as well as Joe MacMillan in the four-season AMC drama series Halt and Catch Fire.

“A24 is very successfully pandering to me, @bodiesbodies was incredibly delightful,” someone else commented. “Everyone is very hot/hilarious/horny, love a 90-minute movie. Def more comedy than horror but doesn’t suffer for it in my opinion.”

You can read more here from The Independent’s Tom Murray about A24, the “hippest production company”.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is out in US cinemas now, followed by a UK release date on 9 September.

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