The Fantastic Four’s Joseph Quinn Talks About Building The Dynamic Between His Human Torch And Ebon Moss-Bachrach Thing, And I Can’t Wait To See These Two Together

 Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things and Ebon Moss-Bachrach in The Bear.
Credit: Netflix/Hulu

Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn is taking over a lot of big projects on the 2024 movie schedule, between his role in this weekend’s A Quiet Place: Day One and this fall’s Gladiator II. The actor will have a flaming hold over our hearts next summer too, when the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie hits theaters. Ahead of the new Fantastic Four cast uniting on set next month, Quinn has spoken about bringing the Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm dynamic to the big screen, and I can't wait to see it!

The Human Torch and The Thing have always had a notable friendship within the Marvel Comics team. And in one of next summer’s upcoming Marvel movies, The Bear’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach is set to play the most tortured member of the team alongside Quinn, Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic and Vanessa Kirby’s Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. Here’s what Joseph Quinn said about bringing that dynamic to the big screen with their new iteration:

He’s an inherently funny man. We will have a period of rehearsals, and that will be an opportunity for us all to work on the specific dynamics between the four and beyond.

Now Quinn hasn’t quite had the opportunity to work with his superhero team yet. As Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently shared (while also confirming some popular rumors about Fantastic Four), the movie is set to begin filming the day after San Diego Comic-Con. When the Stranger Things’ actor spoke to Men’s Health, he also said this:

I’m very excited at the prospect of working with Ebon. I think he’s amazing, and will definitely bring something very unique to his role; the dynamic is the thing that is the most important aspect of these four characters. I couldn’t think of another three actors that could being as much vigor and life to these other characters, and I’ll do my best to do the same.

Even though the cast has yet to start filming, apparently a group chat between the main cast has “been popping off,” per Quinn. Between the ball of personality and fun Quinn brought to Stranger Things as Eddie Munson and the real depth and humor Moss-Bachrach has showcased on The Bear, I absolutely cannot wait for these two to riff off of each other! You can get a sense of the new Fantastic Four together in this official artwork from Marvel:

The Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four

Oh yeah, this is going to be a blast! In the new interview, Quinn also shared that he thought the image was a “really lovely way to announce” the new movie, but he’s still pinching himself over the whole thing. He also called the role a “little surreal” and something he’s approaching with both serious “responsibility” and “a lot of fun.”

Fantastic Four is set to come out on July 25, 2025! The movie will be a period piece set in the '60s, but as the artwork has teased, it won’t be set in our universe’s New York City at that time. While we wait to see all these dynamics on the big screen, get ready for Marvel's next release, Deadpool & Wolverine, coming July 26, 2024.