Farm work isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

<span>Rishi Sunak addresses delegates at the annual National Farmers’ Union conference.</span><span>Photograph: Reuters</span>
Rishi Sunak addresses delegates at the annual National Farmers’ Union conference.Photograph: Reuters

I was reassured to read that Rishi Sunak told the NFU conference that he had once milked a cow (Report, 20 February). I once collected eggs for my dad when he had chickens on a smallholding. I was about five, and when I had finished collecting them he told me to “drop them in that [metal] bucket”. I did. So I can say with confidence that helping out with the livestock doesn’t necessarily make you an expert.
Su Hardman
Woodbridge, Suffolk

• You reported that British farmers were planning more tractor protests (15 February), but the Public Order Act 2023 will surely make these “interference with … key national infrastructure”, just as illegal as those of Just Stop Oil. Will we now be seeing mass arrests of farmers, or is the law being applied selectively?
David Bricknell

• Was Sex Lives of the Potato Men really “the worst film ever made” (20 February)? Of course not. Playing Porn Shop Bloke was my first job in films. At the time, I told a newspaper: “If Raging Bull is Goya, then this is a Donald McGill seaside postcard.” I mentioned this to Mark Gatiss at the wrap party. He laughed and said: “Exactly.”
Laurence Inman

• My GP was a doctor at the local hospital when my first child was born in February 1979 – 45 years of dedicated service (Seeing same GP ‘improves patient health and cuts workload of doctors’, 23 February).
Linda Perham
Ilford, London

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