Fatal Shooting Outside Walmart Forces Evacuation in Red Deer, Alberta

A 69-year-old man was shot dead at the entrance to a Walmart in Red Deer, Alberta on December 20, forcing the store to go into lockdown.

The Red Deer Walmart went into lockdown and shoppers were told to avoid all doors and windows as there was an active situation.

Shoppers were told they will not be able to return to their cars in the parking lot where the active situation occurred in a Facebook Live video posted by Brandi Elizabeth. Buses were organised for the people inside the store to be taken away via the back of the Walmart.

“We were in Walmart and all of a sudden we saw some employees going toward the doors and locking them at the same time the manager came on the speaker and said that there was an active situation in the parking lot and the store was on lockdown,” Elizabeth said.

“They were arranging city buses to come drive everyone home that lived in town who wasnt able to get picked up.. and that we would need to provide our info to the police before we left.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Alberta told residents at the time to avoid the area around the Walmart and not to share details of the incident on social media. Credit: Brandi Elizabeth via Storyful