Fatboy Slim's son Woody Cook says 'I'm not a nepo baby'

Woody Cook doesn't care if people call him a nepo baby credit:Bang Showbiz
Woody Cook doesn't care if people call him a nepo baby credit:Bang Showbiz

Woody Cook "doesn’t care" if people call him a nepo baby because he knows his “music speaks for itself”.

The 22-year-old musician - who is the son of DJ Fatboy Slim and presenter Zoe Ball - admitted he's been "bullied" in the past for his family connection and though he acknowledgd his famous name has "opened more doors" for him, he insisted he wouldn't be working if he didn't have talent.

He exclusively told Bang Showbiz at the Swapfiets launch: “Throughout school I was bullied and stuff, sometimes at parties people would say ‘Shut Up Fatboys Son’.

"It's opened up more doors, people always remember me.

"I’m quite eclectic, I’m quite weird. I share DNA with my parents. I’m always gonna be a bit like them in the end.

"Genetically I’m mildly similar but it’s not my job to care.

"I cater to the people who love my music, they f****** love it.My music speaks for itself and I do not have to prove it to anyone.”

Woody may be determined to step away from his parent’s shadows, but he hasn’t ruled out collaborating with the ‘Right Here Right Now’ hitmaker in the future.

He added: “There is a running joke that I’m the worst DJ in the family according to my younger sister.

" One day us three, a back-to-back-to-back generation collab would be the dream, a right family affair. But to avoid being seen in that light I’m doing my own thing.”

Although Woody has acknowledged that his privileged upbringing has landed him TV gigs in the past - after appearing on shows like ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ and ‘The Circle’ – he has vowed not to take part in any other reality shows because he doesn't think they'd benefit his career.

He added: “I grew up Woody from the Normans, then I was Woody from 'The Circle', then I was Woody from 'Gogglebox'. Now I’m Woody from music. Why would I give it up again?.

“No offence to ‘Love Island’ but that would just put me back into a pigeon hole and I want to be known for myself not from something.”

Meanwhile, Woody was swapped the DJ decks for the tyres when he became the first to trial an E-bike proficiency scheme in a bid to boost his confidence on the streets of London.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of falls whilst cycling in the city which has been a huge knock for my confidence, and I’ve often tried to avoid cycling in London where possible. I’m sure taking part in this trial course with Swapfiets will give me the skills to cycle in the city with confidence and hopefully get me back on two wheels whenever I’m visiting.”

Bike membership brand Swapfiets launched the UK's first E-bike Cycling Proficiency Course to encourage more people to own the city with confidence on their bike. For more information visit www.swapfiets.co.uk.