Father of girl, 10, Tasered by police officer says she was 'petrified' and he has 'zero trust' in Met

Bodyworn footage of the Taser being activated (PA)
Bodyworn footage of the Taser being activated (PA)

The father of a 10-year-old girl who was Tasered by police has said that the lack of disciplinary action against the officer involved was a "green light" for police to Taser anyone.

Officers were scrambled to the schoolgirl's home in south west London after a 999 call from her mother saying she was threatening her with a hammer and shears.

Pc Jonathan Broadhead fired his Taser at the girl twice within seconds of entering her home in south-west London on January 21 2021.

He was accused of using force “which was not necessary, reasonable and proportionate” against the girl, referred to as Child A, during his Met Police gross misconduct hearing in London.

Body-worn footage played during the hearing showed how Pc Broadhead said “put it down now” three times, referring to the shears, and “police officer, Taser” before tasering the girl as she tried to go upstairs.The panel’s chairwoman, Catherine Elliot, said that Pc Broadhead, attached to the Met’s Central South Command Unit, had not breached police standards relating to use of force.

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She concluded: “Having considered the evidence in great detail… the panel has concluded that Pc Broadhead’s use of Taser on Child A was necessary, reasonable and proportionate in all the circumstances. The allegations are therefore not proved.” She concluded the officer believed the child posed a threat to him and others."

But her father told LBC that she was a "gentle, kind and caring" girl who did not intent to hurt anyone and that had she been unable to tell her side of the story.

He said: "She would have put the record straight. She had not attacked her mother and did not intend to attack her mum. She was actually banging he furniture in an attempt to get her mobile phone. She did not know the police were going to Taser her, she was petrified."

He said now the family had "zero trust" in the police and feared others would be Tasered when other methods of defusing tense situations could be used.

"I think it's a green light to go and Taser anyone," he added.

"She (my daughter) is not a violent child, she's a loving, sweet, child." He also dismissed the allegation that his daughter had taken edible cannabis on the day of the incident, saying toxicology reports concluding there was none of the drug in her bloodstream.

Olivia Checa-Dover, presenting evidence for the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) at the disciplinary hearing had argued the girl posed “no immediate threat” and claimed her age was not properly factored into Pc Broadhead’s decision making.

The child’s mother previously said she was “shocked” by “the way things were handled” by Pc Broadhead, who she hoped would help verbally de-escalate the situation.

The mother called police claiming her child threatened her with tools after she confiscated her mobile phone due to a safeguarding concern, the panel previously heard.

She feared the girl’s behaviour may have been affected by consuming cannabis edibles and on Monday said that the child hit her with the hammer after she called 999.

Met Police Commander Jon Savell said it was “an extremely rare and unusual case”.

“In the immediate days after the incident, a senior officer visited the address to apologise for the trauma caused to the girl and her family,” he added.

“Although no misconduct has been found, we repeat this apology today."