Fawn-tastic Feeding Time at South Carolina Rescue

A group of orphaned whitetail fawns were extra hungry during feeding time in Belton, South Carolina, video shared by a non-profit organization dedicated to giving fawns a second chance at life shows.

Erika Shuff, seen feeding the fawns, told Storyful that the bottle rack keeps them from interacting with their rehabilitator, so they stay wild and can be released in the fall. “Many fawns are reunited with does by our organization,” Shuff said. These particular fawns could not be reunited, however, she said.

Hickory Haven Fawn Rescue share a lot of videos documenting their work in rescuing, rehabilitating, and often releasing fawns on their Facebook, TikTok and YouTube accounts. Credit: Erika Shuff via Storyful

Video transcript