Fawns Frolic on Montana Athletic Track

Several young deer scampered and skipped around a sports field in Gardiner, Montana, recently shared video shows.

This footage was shot by Cindy Shaffer, a Montana native who regularly posts footage from visits to Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park.

Shaffer recorded this scene at the Gardiner High School sports track.

“Oh my God they are so cute. They are just having a blast. So fun to watch,” she said. Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look at these guys playing.


We're here by the school and these little elk are just having a blast. This guy over here keep the playing with the tires. There goes the other ones. He's running around. Here they come. Look at them go. There's five little babies running like crazy over here. They're just chasing each other. Oh my God, they're so cute.

They're just having a blast. So fun to watch. That one keeps kicking his heels up. Funny. Here he comes, there he goes.


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