'Fear the Walking Dead' finally reveals who saved Morgan. The showrunners considered making it another character.

feartwd 608 morgan
Morgan was shocked to learn who saved his life on the "Fear TWD" mid-season premiere. AMC
  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "Fear TWD," season six, episode eight, "The Door."

  • We finally learn who saved Morgan from a certain death on the season premiere.

  • "Fear TWD" showrunners told Insider they may have considered making it Sherry.

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We finally know who saved Morgan (Lennie James) on "Fear the Walking Dead" and it wasn't Madison.

The mid-season premiere surprisingly revealed that Dakota (Zoe Colletti) was the one who intervened and saved Morgan after her sister, Ginny, shot and left him for dead on the season five finale.

"I am the reason you are alive," Dakota tells a stunned Morgan during a heated exchange. "I saved you at the Gulch."

feartwd dakota morgan
Morgan discovers that Dakota killed Cameron. Dakota changes topics quickly to save her skin by telling Morgan she saved his life when her sister left her for dead. AMC

"The dead followed you. They were on top of you, about to eat you. But I was there. I killed them." Dakota said, explaining that she followed Ginny to the Gulch because she thought she was going to see her sister go down.

When that didn't happen, she saved Morgan.

Dakota also said she was the one who left Morgan that mystery note, telling him that he still had things to do.

feartwd 601 morgan jones letter
On the season six premiere, Morgan shows Isaac the note that was left on his body by his mystery savior. We now know that was Dakota. AMC

Those things? Dakota said they weren't meant to be altruistic. She saved Morgan in hopes that he would kill her sister.

While Dakota revealed herself as the one to save Morgan, that was only one of a few people the "Fear TWD" showrunners considered.

"We batted around ideas," co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Insider over Zoom last week. "I think I also read a bunch of people speculating that it might have actually been Sherry. We may have talked about that in the room briefly."

feartwd sherry dwight 603
Sherry returned on season six, episode three of "Fear TWD." Ryan Green/AMC

Christine Evangelista made a big return to "TWD" universe as Sherry earlier in the season. Some thought Dwight's ex-wife may have swooped in to save the day.

Others thought fan-favorite Madison (Kim Dickens) was the mystery character who saved Morgan from his near-death experience.

"I think ultimately what drew us to Dakota being the person who did it was having it be someone whose reason for saving Morgan was so antithetical to what his reason for kind of fighting through the physical pain, the emotional pain that he's gone through this season," Chambliss said, adding that the Dakota reveal kind of pulled the rug out from under him.

morgan dakota fear 608
Dakota says she wants her sister, Ginny, dead. AMC

"He spent the first half of the season thinking, 'The reason I'm alive is to save Grace, to save her unborn child, and to set them up in a place where they can live.'" Chambliss continued. "Dakota saying, 'Oh, no, no, no. That's not the reason you're alive. It's so you can kill my sister.' That just comes as a complete shock to Morgan. It's going to send him on a little bit of a journey where he questions why is he still breathing."

"Fear TWD" will continue with another big episode next Sunday. You can follow along with our "TWD" coverage here.

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