Fearne Cotton recalls thinking she was 'too broad'

Fearne Cotton thought she was too broad at one point in time credit:Bang Showbiz
Fearne Cotton thought she was too broad at one point in time credit:Bang Showbiz

Fearne Cotton convinced herself she was "too broad" amid her bulimia battle.

The 41-year-old star battled the disorder for a decade, but she's advised people going through a similar experience that it's possible to "break the cycle".

In response to an online debate, Fearne - who has Rex, nine, and Honey, seven, with Jesse Wood - said on Instagram: "Sometimes I think tons of differing voices weighing in on a subject is too noisy but having had a lot of body image issues over the years I feel compelled if only to continue some healthy debate.

"I was bulimic for ten years which was partly an issue of self loathing and partly a control mechanism. I still feel a discomfort in mentioning it, only spurred on by the knowledge that so many are dealing with it now and might feel like they'll never break the cycle. My message being...if I can, you can. It is absolutely possible. Go gentle on yourself and know that you can heal.

"I mention this because some of my self loathing came from feeling physically 'wrong'. Too broad, too sqaure, too squidgy in areas due to the images that were ubiquitous when I was growing up. I was unkowingly applying all I was imbibing to my own self worth. I can still be triggered in this way today but have done a lot of healing to feel more robust. (sic)"

Fearne also stressed the importance of "never shaming any physical body".

She added: "There will be naturally very slim women out there who do not want the abuse or assumption around their bodies too. There are women in the disability communtity who do not want to explain themselves or be pitied. There are women out there who feel shame and hatred for their physical bodies who need support and love. All bodies are bloody miraculous and beautiful. (sic)"