Fears traveller family 'has too many caravans on land'

A council is taking fresh enforcement action against a traveller family. Thomas and Eileen Maughan have already been allowed to keep their mobile home at Boggs Cottage, off Keele Road in Keele, after successfully winning their planning fight.

But the Maughans have still not dealt with a drainage issue on the site - and Newcastle Borough Council is now taking fresh enforcement action as a result.

It comes as there are claims - expressed at the latest council planning meeting - that extra caravans have appeared on the site. A planning inspector ruled last year that occupancy of Boggs Cottage must be restricted to Thomas and Eileen Maughan and their children.

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Keele councillor Dave Jones told the committee: “There has been a significant amount of activity on this site. I’ve received a number of concerns from residents with regard to the volume of activity occurring there, the volume of vehicles there, a commercial vehicle that’s sited there that has no planning permission to be there, and on top of that threats of multiple caravans being parked there. There have been more than the permitted number of caravans parked there on occasion and there are threats of additional caravans being parked there.

“This has been a torrid situation for those residents who have dealt with this. This is a site where the owner of the site has been non-compliant.

“The residents are starting to pull their hair out that nothing is actually happening. There are concerns that the site might be sold to somebody else. So I think I could do with a level of assurance for the residents who quite frankly have gone through this repeatedly time and time again.”

The council then kicked StokeonTrentLive out of the meeting to discuss the situation further in private.

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