Fed-up Edinburgh residents warn 'we are living on an estate of rats'

Edinburgh residents have hit out at a construction company after claiming they have noticed an increasing rat problem.

Those who live in Morrison Circus say they believe a nearby development has caused an issue with rodents.

Despite traps now having been set, some have claimed the vermin are "too smart" and it hasn't tackled the problem.

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One resident told Edinburgh Live that the rodents have been seen in the "car park, bins, bushes and hiding in the wheels of cars". Another, who has lived in Morrison Circus for seven years, said that rats have "never been a problem before".

Barry Ireland told us: "This has been going on for years.

"We've complained regularly to the building site. It's ruining things for residents.

Residents pointed out 'rat holes'
Residents pointed out 'rat holes' -Credit:Edinburgh Live

"The rubbish didn't get picked up for a couple of weeks, and that's made it worse. There are holes that the rats have made everywhere.

"The construction companies won't action anything, we never get any response from them. There's been some traps put out, so we're making progress.

"The builders leave food around as well, and that along with bins not being collected is just adding to the problem. It's all a knock-on effect."

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Justine, who also lives at Morrison Circus, told us: "Since the construction began we've had problems with rats.

"They're digging up the ground, I guess that's probably why because the rats are looking for new homes. We've seen them during the day, at night, they're all over.

"I guess that's what happens when we invade their spaces, they have to go somewhere. I've lived here for over seven years, and it's never been a problem until the building site came in."

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Speaking to Edinburgh Live, another fed up homeowner said: "A number of other residents have spoken to me as the rats are in the car park, bins, bushes and I got a video of a few hiding in the wheels of a car.

"They're everywhere and it doesn't matter what time of the day. Locals are met with this pretty much every day. If it's not me it's neighbours and friends of neighbours.

"Some of us have children so it's a health issue we want sorted. Traps have been put down but rats are intelligent and just go somewhere else so that's all that seems to be happening.

"The traps are actually away from the area where I reported the rats coming from. I know several residents have complained about it and that's just with speaking to a few neighbours."

Edinburgh Council confirmed there are no council homes in Morrison Circus, and the rat activity is on "private land" which leaves the responsibility with the factor and private owners.