We fell in love at first sight - then found out we were pregnant a week later

Maggie Corbould, 23, and Danny Corbould, 23, with their son Edward -Credit:Maggie Corbould / SWNS

A young woman who had 'given up on love' decided to meet one last man - and then fell pregnant with his baby within a week.

Maggie Corbould, 23, decided to give finding 'the one' a final try by downloading the popular dating app Hinge. This led her to meet Danny Corbould, 23, in February 2022 and it was 'love at first sight'.

However, they were left 'shocked' when they discovered they were expecting a baby shortly after after their first meeting. Despite the surprise, the couple, who are now happily married two years later, were overjoyed with the news.

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Danny, who was serving in the military at the time, and Maggie decided to keep the baby and moved in together straight away. They got married in a small ceremony in June 2022 so they could secure a military home.

Their son, Edward, was born in December 2022 and the couple couldn't be more 'besotted'. Maggie even believes that a 'higher power' brought them together.

Reflecting on their whirlwind romance, she said: "Finding out I was pregnant after only a week was a shock. I think people expect us to have broken up. When I look back I wouldn't do it differently at all. That little boy is my whole world."

Danny confessed that he knew he was in love with her from their first meeting. Despite usually being a 'very unsure person', he 'wanted to be with her every day'.

He shared: "I just had a feeling that I'd never felt with previous girlfriends. I was scared at first because everything was happening so quickly but there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted this baby with her.

"As soon as I saw that first scan all my worries went away. I love our little love story. I wouldn't have changed anything. I love our little family and can't wait for the rest of our future as the Corbould family."

Maggie, who ended a six-year relationship in 2021, wasn't sure she'd ever find 'the one'. She revealed that when she came across Danny's profile on Hinge, she had no likes left, so she paid to message him.

On their date, they 'talked for hours in the car', admitting that they 'fell for each other'. In the days following their first date, Maggie and Danny spent as much time together as possible, even getting matching crown tattoos on their ankles a week later.

When discussing finding out she was pregnant, Maggie said Danny initially thought she 'was joking', describing it as 'it was a complete shock' since she was 'on contraception'. However, they both agreed 'it felt right', so they decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Upon finding out, she knew she had to share the news with her father. Recalling the phone conversation while her dad was in Malta, she said: "I had to ring my dad as he was on location in Malta and tell him 'I'm pregnant with a man you've never met and we're getting married'. He responded 'We'll love it, but we won't financially support it'."

Nonetheless, her dad is now 'besotted' with Danny according to Maggie.

With Danny quickly moving into her 65 year old father's two-bedroom flat, they swiftly realised it wouldn't be big enough for their growing family. So, they tied the knot four months later to secure a military property.

Reflecting on those whirlwind months, Maggie described it as a 'a rollercoaster', adding that they were 'learning so many things about each other'.

Regarding the pregnancy, Maggie characterised it as 'easy'. She was induced early, at just 37 weeks, so that Danny could meet their child, Edward, before his deployment.

Her labour lasted 'about two hours', with only 'three to four pushes' required. Proudly recalling Edward's birth, she said he 'wanted to come out into this world'. Born at 10.46am on Boxing Day, Edward weighed in at 7lbs 1oz.

Maggie recalled strange sounds during labour, which she soon realised were Danny's emotional sobs as he held their newborn son. Describing baby Edward, she said he was a 'gorgeous little boy'. "I remember him being passed to me and thinking he was such a gorgeous little boy."

Fast forward to the present day, and Edward, now a happy 15-month-old, brings joy to the family. With dad Danny now having left the army, the family is looking forward to embarking on their journey together properly.

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