How to Watch ‘Fellow Travelers’: When Are New Episodes Streaming?

Actors Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey star as lovers whose tumultuous, largely secret relationship spans three decades in the Showtime series “Fellow Travelers,” which premieres this weekend.

The series is from “Philadelphia” scripter and “Homeland” producer Ron Nyswaner. It’s based on the 2007 book by Thomas Mallon and places the fictitious characters in actual historic events, including the McCarthy hearings, the Vietnam protests and the AIDs crisis.

Here’s how to watch the series, which debuts early on Paramount+ before hitting Showtime.

Is “Fellow Travelers” streaming or on TV?

Both! The show debuts early on Paramount+ for streaming before it airs on Showtime.

How many episodes are in “Fellow Travelers”?

There are eight episodes.

What’s the episode release schedule?

The first episode, “You’re Wonderful,” debuts on Paramount+ on Oct. 27 and on Showtime on Oct. 29 at 9 pm. ET/PT.  Subsequent episodes are released each week on the same schedule: Fridays on Paramount+ and Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The series will also premiere on Paramount+ on Oct. 27 in Canada and on Oct. 28 in the UK, Australia, Latin America, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Who is in the “Fellow Travelers” cast?

The series stars Matt Bomer as Hawkins “Hawk” Fuller, a powerful but closeted fixer in 1950s Washington D.C. who begins the most serious relationship of his life with idealistic Tim Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey) in the midst of the McCarthy hearings.

Allison Williams plays Lucy Smith, the daughter of Senator Wesley Smith (Linus Roach), who marries Hawk and Mike Taylor of “Beau is Afraid” plays her brother Leonard. Jelani Alladin plays Black queer newspaper reporter Marcus Hooks, who has a complicated relationship with with drag queen Frankie (Noah J. Ricketts).

Chris Bauer plays the infamous real-life Senator Joseph McCarthy, Will Brill plays his ruthless lawyer Roy Cohn, and Matt Zisser plays their associate David Schine who became the focus of the Army-McCarthy hearings. Ben Sanders of “Murdoch Mysteries” plays Robert F. Kennedy.

Learn more about the “Fellow Travelers” cast here.

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