Ferne McCann 'likes' Instagram post calling for jailed ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins' early release

Ferne McCann has shocked fans after she was caught ‘liking’ an Instagram post that called for the early release of her acid attack ex-boyfriend, Arthur Collins, after he was jailed last month.

Arthur, who is the father of Ferne’s two-month-old daughter Sunday, was sentenced to 20 years for the nightclub attack, which left 14 people with serious injuries.

Ferne reportedly liked the post by accident. Copyright: [Rex]

Ferne has been vocal in her contempt for Arthur, previously vowing to never see him again after visiting him in prison with their daughter shortly before he was sentenced, however, she has now been caught liking a social media post that was shared by one of Arthur’s relatives.

The post read: “Free up my brother. I miss him the most.”

It is said that Ferne swiftly removed her like, but not before it was spotted by fans in her Instagram activity.

Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the former TOWIE star has insisted that Ferne liked the post by accident, explaining: “This is nonsense it was clearly was an accident. She was scrolling down her feed and pressed a button by mistake. She was mortified and removed this immediately.

Ferne and Arthur were dating at the time of the attack. Copyright: [Rex]

“There was no reason for her to like this post. He has been out of her life for over seven months and has made her feelings perfectly clear and is trying to move on with her life. It was an accident, nothing more.”

Ferne previously revealed that she and Sunday visited Arthur in a Category A Belmarsh prison so that he could see what his actions had done to them both, continuing: “I thought it was important that Arthur see Sunday and see exactly what his actions have led to him missing out on.”

A source added at the time: “Ferne was very, very angry, she was absolutely furious and gave Arthur a piece of her own mind.

Ferne took Sunday to prison to meet her father for a ‘first and last’ time. Copyright: [ITV]

“She showed him his child and said that he would never see her again. That he had caused so much pain and that he was missing out on a life with baby Sunday. It was a heartbreaking meeting but Ferne needed to get closure.”

Ferne and Arthur first met in Ibiza last year, having an on/off relationship before officially getting together in March 2017.

The reality star had told Arthur that she was pregnant with his child just before the devastating acid attack took place, with Arthur admitting that he threw the liquid but claiming that he did not know it was acid.

Arthur was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 19 December, with the judge slamming his lack of remorse and branding the 25 year old a “despicable liar”.

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