Festive Bunting Flies at London Zoo Ahead of Coronation

Festive Union Jack bunting is adorning enclosures at London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo ahead of the coronation of King Charles III.

Footage released by ZSL shows ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats, otters, Bolivian black-capped squirrel monkeys, western lowland gorillas, and Bactrian camels ready for coronation weekend.

Pictures from ZSL also show Charlie the Humboldt penguin, a namesake of the king, getting in the festive spirit.

Both London and Whipsnade zoo are part of the international conservation charity ZSL, whose work has been supported by the royal family since 1826, when it was first granted a royal charter by King George IV.

Every monarch since King George IV, including the late Queen Elizabeth II, has been a Royal Patron of ZSL, the charity said.

King Charles III has been a supporter of ZSL since joining its Exceptional Young Zoologist Club aged 13. The monarch became ZSL’s Vice Patron in 2014, ZSL said. Credit: ZSL via Storyful

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