Fewer Americans plan to donate to political campaigns: Survey

Fewer Americans are planning to donate to political campaigns this year than compared to 2020, according to a new survey from LendingTree.

According to the survey, 26 percent of Americans said they intended to give to a political campaign this year. In comparison, 36 percent of Americans said they were planning to give money to a political campaign in 2020.

As campaign season heats up, both major parties’ presidential campaigns are battling for Americans’ donations. Former President Trump’s campaign outraised President Biden’s last month, with the Trump’s campaign raising $76 million in April versus the president’s $51 million.

Other findings in the LendingTree survey included 66 percent of American adults saying they have not donated to campaigns before. Likewise, 16 percent said they had donated to campaigns in the past year, while 17 percent said they had donated to campaigns previously, but not within the past year.

The lack of enthusiasm for political donations in the survey also seems to align with a general lack of enthusiasm for a rematch between Biden and Trump found in a recent Monmouth University poll. In that poll, only 39 percent of voters expressed at least some enthusiasm for a rematch between the two presidents, with about 60 percent of voters expressing little or no enthusiasm for the same rematch.

The LendingTree survey was conducted by QuestionPro April 15-17 and featured 2,001 people.

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