FFP appeal, Stuart Attwell, Nottingam Forest's angry statement - every word from Nuno

Nottingham Forest head coach Nuno Espirito Santo after defeat to  Everton
Nottingham Forest head coach Nuno Espirito Santo after defeat to Everton -Credit:PA

Nottingham Forest were left fuming at three penalty decisions going against them in their 2-0 defeat at Everton on Sunday.

The club put an angry statement on social media moments after the final whistle had blown at Goodison Park. It came after challenges by Ashley Young on Gio Reyna and Callum Hudson-Odoi went unpunished, while the Toffees man also survived a handball appeal from the latter’s cross.

The Reds said: “Three extremely poor decisions - three penalties not given - which we simply cannot accept. We warned the PGMOL that the VAR is a Luton fan before the game but they didn’t change him. Our patience has been tested multiple times. NFFC will now consider its options.”

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Goals from Idrissa Gueye and Dwight McNeil sealed the points for the hosts, leaving Forest one point above the bottom three with four games to play. Below is a look at what Reds head coach Nuno Espirito Santo had to say after the final whistle.

On whether he shares the club’s view about being hard done by with official decisions…

“I share (the club’s view) because I saw the images. When we go back to the dressing room and we have access to the images and you see it so clearly, you don’t understand why the decision was against us.

“I honestly think the situation with Gio Reyna in the first half, it’s a clear one. The handball, okay we can ask if it’s not, but the ball goes to (Chris) Wood. And there was another incident with Callum and Ashley Young.

“I share; of course I share the feeling of the club because it’s not only this game. It has been a while we have had poor decisions against us. It is not an excuse, but we are not comfortable with the work of the referees.”

On whether he was aware of the concerns raised by the club over Stuart Attwell (the VAR) before the game…

“I am aware of the complaint; of the formal complaint of the club that (they) were not comfortable with the VAR. PGMOL decide the other way.

“But it’s not important if he is a fan of another club or not. The referee and especially the VAR, they are sitting down in a chair and have time to assess the images. I would just like to understand why; why we have always been on the end of bad decisions.”

On whether he had spoken to the referee…

“Not yet. But what’s the point?

“It’s a feeling of disappointment that we are always being punished and it’s difficult to control, especially for the players. They felt they work hard and are not given what they deserve, especially from the referees.”

On whether it was appropriate for the club to complain about an official before the game…

“I cannot answer whether it is appropriate or not, but it is a feeling. It’s trying to avoid what happened today and not raise any more suspicions or thoughts that nobody wants. It’s about preventing.”

On whether all three incidents should have been penalties…

“Yes, because I saw it. The handball, but the ball goes through to Wood. The ball touches the hand of Ashley.

“I don’t know if you saw the images or not and share the opinion, but that’s not important. It should be the other way.”

On the impact of such decisions on the players’ mentality…

“Of course it affects, and it has been affecting us a while now. Now we still have four games to go and we should try to ignore, but it’s there.

“It is over and over again. I think it was some time ago that we have been also in the same situation, so it’s hard. It’s hard for the players to ignore. It’s hard. It’s hard.”

On missed chances…

“It’s not (just the decisions). We are talking about it (the decisions), but the game, we should blame ourselves of course. We had clear chances and should have done better.

“I look at the game, then I look at the referee. It is part of the same thing. But we are to blame also - not taking the good chances and not finishing well. The team played good to build those chances.”

On Forest’s position in the table ahead of Wednesday’s appeal hearing over their four-point deduction…

“We don’t know exactly. That’s why we live in this atmosphere of uncertainty. Do we have 30 points? Do we have 26 points? Do we have more points?

“What we want is hopefully this week comes a decision. We appeal because we felt we were right. Let’s wait and play the four games with the reality.

“The reality now is we are one point in front of Luton. That says it is in our hands. We must try to ignore, regroup, play game by game and put points on the table.”

On the game…

“We started the game well. The first moments of the game, we were in control and were dominant. We had chances and didn’t allow Everton to reach our box.

“Before the goal, they didn’t have one touch in the box. We were playing well and keeping control.

“There was direct play from Everton and set-pieces, but we were able to control them. It (the first goal) was a shot from outside the box, and then it becomes difficult.

“The second half was not so good. We had a clear chance for Morgan (Gibbs-White). But I thought we didn’t play well enough to create problems for the low-block of Everton. It is not about crossing, because they are strong on that aspect. It was a tough, tough game.”

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