FIA drop investigation into Toto Wolff and wife Susie

The FIA has ended their investigation into Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff, saying they are satisfied that appropriate measures are in place to prevent any conflicts of interest.

Unspecified complaints had suggested that information may have been shared between the two, who are married, with Susie working alongside F1 chief Stefano Domenicali and Toto the CEO of Formula One team Mercedes. The FIA had confirmed that a compliance team was looking into the matter, but have now dropped any probe. The statement read:

“Following a review of Formula One Management’s F1 Code of Conduct and F1 Conflict of Interest Policy and confirmation that appropriate protective measures are in place to mitigate any potential conflicts, the FIA is satisfied that FOM’s compliance management system is robust enough to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

“The FIA can confirm that there is no ongoing investigation in terms of ethical or disciplinary inquiries involving any individual.

“As the regulator, the FIA has a duty to maintain the integrity of global motorsport. The FIA reaffirms its commitment to integrity and fairness.”

Rival F1 teams including Red Bull, Haas, Aston Martin, Williams, McLaren, Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari all released statements denying they had complained to the FIA about Mercedes or Wolff and backing the work done by Susie and the F1 Academy.

Susie Wolff said in a statement late on Tuesday that she rejected the claims “in the strongest possible terms”, calling out “misogynistic” and “baseless” accusations which she has encountered throughout her career.

“I am deeply insulted but sadly unsurprised by the public allegations that have been made this evening,” she said, on social media.

“It is disheartening that my integrity is being called into question in such a manner, especially when it seems to be rooted in intimidatory and misogynistic behaviour, and focused on my marital status rather than my abilities.”