'My fiancé proposed at Glastonbury – but the ring he picked is hilarious'

Rose and Fabian
-Credit: (Image: Abelini X Rose and Fabian)

A music fan who was proposed to at Glastonbury has revealed how her ring stole the show.

Rose, 32, is a lover of the festival and has been on several occasions. This weekend saw Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Shania Twain grace the stage alongside icons like Avril Lavigne and Camila Cabello.

However it was back in 2019, when Stormzy was on stage, that Rose's fiancé Fabian popped the question some three years after the couple first met at Glastonbury 2016. Speaking to the Mirror, Rose recalled: "Fabian was planning to do it on Wednesday evening by the Glastonbury sign, but one of our friends was still with us so it would have been a bit awkward.

"Instead he waited a couple of days until Stormzy's set. Instead of getting down on one knee at a big event, he leaned over during Blinded By Your Grace and asked if I wanted to marry him, and I immediately said yes."

Once the Stormzy performance wrapped up, Fabian asked if she wanted to see the ring. But it's not quite what you might envisage.

Rose continued: "I knew he had bought the stones and was getting his friend who's a jeweller to make the ring, so freaked out a bit that he had brought something so fancy to the festival. Instead he sensibly had a decoy ring..."

Rose's ring
Fabian cleverly brought along a decoy ring -Credit:No credit

Incredibly, Rose's 'decoy ring' boasted a giant yellow duck. This adorable animal was completely made of plastic and came with a protective box which was initially hidden in Fabian's rucksack.

Rose added: "I wore it for the rest of the festival but we didn't actually tell anyone until we were home, it was just our little secret for the festival."

Believe it or not, Fabian and Rose aren't the first to splash out on special replica rings. In 2023, one TikToker even bought one for herself in a bid to ward off men pestering her on nights out.

Nilesh Rakholia, founder of Abelini and jewellery expert, also claimed they're especially ideal for anyone who's prone to losing things while out and about. Diamond rings are notorious for getting caught on sleeping bags too, which can 'damage the prongs' and loosen the precious jewels.

The expert told The Mirror: "When heading away with anything of value, it's always worth doing research on the safety of the festival. Taking jewellery to a festival will always carry some risk."

"If your instinct is to not wear your jewellery out, then it's recommended to keep these pieces secure at home. You can always consider swapping for a cheaper alternative to keep your precious jewellery pieces safe, while still being able to accessorise your festival outfit."