New Fiat 500 owners to be rewarded for eco driving with cryptocurrency

Owners of the new electric Fiat 500 will be able to earn rewards through economical driving.

When driving the 500, motorists will be able to earn ‘KiriCoins’ which can then be collected in a virtual wallet accessed via a Fiat smartphone app. Driving data is automatically converted into Kiricoins and these can then be used to purchase products and services in Kiri’s own marketplace.

Drivers will also gain an eco score, with the most economical motorists receiving extra rewards including vouchers for Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

It comes through a partnership between Stellantis and Kiri Technologies, a startup founded in the UK last year.

When driving normally in the city, one kilometre is equivalent to one Kiricoin, with each coin worth two euro cents. A yearly mileage of 10,000km is equivalent to €150 (around £130), according to Fiat. The Italian firm has yet to confirm how this will directly equate to pounds but has said that the service should be arriving this summer following the introduction of the 500 in May.

Giorgio Neri, New 500 commercial launch manager & Fiat e-Mobility manager, said: “To support a program as innovative and ambitious as Kiri, a car like the New 500 really was needed. An object with cult status, a connected icon that has become a mobility project to reward its customers with a cryptocurrency, to be spent in a dedicated marketplace made up of companies from the fashion, accessories and design industries, all of whom have a fervent belief in sustainability.”