Fidgety Polar Bear Cub Struggles to Get Comfortable Atop Sleepy Momma Bear

A fidgety polar bear cub was seen attempting to nestle atop its mother at a park near Churchill, Manitoba, video uploaded on March 17 shows.

Footage recorded by Canadian tour guide Drew Hamilton at Wapusk National Park shows the small cub constantly shifting in an attempt to find the perfect resting position along the back of its sleepy mother.

Hamilton, who’s shared various photos of polar bears around the area to his Instagram, told Storyful that “in late February and early March, polar bear mothers from the Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears emerge from their dens before heading out to the sea ice.”

“This mother with her single cub tries to grab some sleep before beginning her 40 km trek to Hudson Bay,” Hamilton said. “It is a dangerous journey as she can only travel as fast as the little legs of the cub can go.”

Polar Bears International, a nonprofit dedicated to wild polar bear conservation, recently posted a report documenting a steep loss of Western Hudson Bay polar bears, saying that “the estimated population in this region declined by … 27 percent between 2016 and 2021.” Credit: Drew Hamilton via Storyful