Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui says she's ready to 'explore polyamory'

Former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui says she's ready to try polyamory
Former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui says she's ready to try polyamory

Lauren Jauregui is back on the market; this time, she's looking for more than one person to date!

The queer former Fifth Harmony member revealed that she's interested in "exploring polyamory" following her breakup with ex Sasha Mallory.

"I'm also kind of in this space of exploring polyamory a little bit," Jauregui explained on Monday's episode of the queer sex and dating podcast Two Dykes and a Mic, hosted by comedians Rachel Scanlon and McKenzie Goodwin.

The 27-year-old singer said she's ready to start dating again but doesn't want to be tied down.

"I just know that I'm in a space right now at this point in my life where I'm like, I want to belong to myself primarily," she said, according to Page Six. "And then I want to leave space for whoever I meet and me to create boundaries between us, whether it's like, 'Oh no, we're just platonic' or 'There's kind of a little vibe here.'"

Jauregui continued, "We can explore that, and it won't necessarily affect if I'm exploring something with someone else, you know?"

Successful polyamorous relationships mean keeping the lines of communication open, and the "Work from Home" singer said that won't be a problem for her.

"Obviously, I'm super communicative, so I would never put someone in that scenario that doesn't want to be in that scenario," she said. "But I just feel very free right now, and I don't feel like this monogamous, held-down energy is really for me."

Jauregui, who dated singer and record producer Ty Dolla $ign for two years before getting together with Mallory, joked that if she found the "right person," she'd become a "U-Haul-ass bitch."

"I'm like, 'Forget it. Everybody leave. I'm getting married.' I'm such a Cancer," she quipped.

Then, the pop star explained that she doesn't like casual sex and thinks she may be demisexual.

"I'm not in a space of wanting to f–k random people at all — like, literally at all," she said. "I think I might be demisexual 'cause I went through the phase of trying to just sleep with people, and I hated it. I hated it."

Jauregui continued, "In order for me to be really turned on and enjoy sex, I need to know that you care about me as a human being. I can't be transactional for you."

The "Worth It" singer also confirmed that she and her ex, who Jauregui started dating after they met when Mallory was a dancer on her "Always Love" tour, are "really close," adding that she's one of her "best friends."