Fight Breaks Out in Philadelphia Mall, Police Chase Youths

Fighting and ruckus broke out in the food court of a mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 27, resulting in mall security chasing several youths on foot. This is the latest in a spate of mall disturbances around the country.

Earlier in the evening, four people were arrested after nearly 200 youths showed up at Philadelphia Mills Mall, formerly known as Franklin Mills Mall, and created a disturbance outside, according to reports citing police.

Mall disturbances have been reported in at least fifteen malls across the United States in the past several days. Reports said that these mall incidents may have been promulgated via social media, SnapChat in particular.

This video shows security guards and police attempting to break up a fight and restrain several people. One of the people breaks away, takes off on foot and is chased by police. Credit: Facebook/Javier Melodico via Storyful