'Finish Them': Nikki Haley Signs Artillery Shell on Visit to Israel

American politician Nikki Haley wrote “Finish them” on an artillery shell during a visit to north Israel on May 28, images here show.

Photos from Knesset member Danny Danon show Haley signing the bomb. One of the images shows a closeup of her note: “Finish them! America 🖤 Israel. Always. Nikki Haley.”

The images were taken during Haley’s tour of the Israel-Lebanon border, local media reported.

Speaking to local media, Haley said: “I was here in 2017 with my friend Danny Danon and I warned against the strengthening of Hezbollah. I want to say in the clearest way: America stands by Israel. Israel is fighting the enemies of the US today. Don’t stop until you win.” Credit: Danny Danon via Storyful