Fire at Campsite in South of France Forces Evacuations

A fire resulted in gas explosions at the Prairies de la Mer campsite in Grimaud, France, on Tuesday, May 24, with over 2,500 campers moved to safety, according to local news reports.

One person and two children were “slightly” poisoned, officials said, with the fire destroying 18 mobile homes and damaging four.

According to France Bleu Grimaud, the fire spread quickly because cylinders of gas stored in the dwellings exploded, causing the fire to jump from one mobile home to the next.

According to a machine translation, local media said about 2,500 campers at the site were brought to safety, first evacuated to the beach before being directed to other bungalows in a secure area of the campsite. Fourteen people were evacuated from the campsite, and 30 will have to be relocated. Five cars were also destroyed by the flames.

This video taken by Aure Ly shows smoke billowing from the area. Credit: Auré Ly via Storyful

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