Fire service issue update on major industrial estate fire as 'electricity isolated'

Merseyside Fire Service at a fire at Huyton Industrial estate
-Credit: (Image: Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo)

Electricity has been cut near to a huge blaze which engulfed a recycling centre in Huyton earlier this week. Emergency services rushed to the scene of a huge fire on Tuesday evening after it tore through a recycling centre in Wilson Road.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have worked tirelessly to get the blaze under control, with several engines called to the scene. The fire caused a huge cloud of black smoke and a foul smell to plague the area over the following days as pictures of the huge orange blaze raised concern with residents.

Fire services remained at the scene this morning, as electricity has now reportedly been isolated.

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Merseyside Fire and Rescue issued an update on the fire, and a spokesperson said: "Crews have worked diligently overnight in arduous conditions to prevent fire spread and enable progress towards bringing this incident to a close.

"Earlier yesterday evening operational personnel used a mechanical digger, one main jet and one high pressure hose reel on the external pile of waste. Two ground monitors were used to damp down inside the warehouse. One aerial appliance was set up to monitor the rear of the warehouse. There was also two additional ground monitors and one main jet in operation, with relief crews on scene to assist colleagues around the clock.

"Plant machinery operations then ceased overnight with discussions with the site owner ongoing. Sector two included one aerial appliance in operation, one firefighter wearing breathing apparatus (BA) under general observations utilised a high pressure hose reel, in addition to two ground monitors hot spotting the warehouse.

Merseyside Fire Service at a fire at Huyton Industrial estate, Huyton
Merseyside Fire Service at a fire at Huyton Industrial estate, Huyton -Credit:Colin Lane/Liverpool Echo

"Sector four consisted of two ground monitors and one main jet in use. Due to a change in wind speed and direction, a number of small pockets of fire reignited, with two firefighters in BA working quickly from the doorway of the warehouse to suppress the fire. The tactical plan was updated and two firefighters in BA used one hose reel jet inside Locker Freight to prevent fire spread.

"At 01.50 this morning, two firefighters in BA oversaw and periodically reassessed ground monitors and the fire break in sector one. In sector two, one aerial appliance was used as a water tower to fight fire on the rubbish pile. Two ground monitors and one hand held branch was used in sector four.

"By 05.28, five ground monitors were in use across the site with two firefighters in BA periodically checking conditions at scene. One water tower was in use while hot spotting continued.

"A multi-agency meeting took place at 09.30, with the following outcomes. Merseyside Police organised road closures on Ellis Ashton Street and Link Road. Knowsley Council are exploring options to commence excavation. A building control manager will attend to assess the structure of the building, and Environmental Health, the Environment Agency, and United Utilities, are continuing to monitor conditions at scene. Firefighting operations have been temporarily suspended to allow for all electricity to be isolated."

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