Fire service make plea after BMW driver brazenly parks in front of station

The BMW parked outside Wilmslow's fire station
The BMW parked outside Wilmslow's fire station -Credit:Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

This was the brazen moment a driver left their BMW parked in front of a fire station near Manchester. And perhaps even more astonishingly, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service says it keeps happening.

The fire service shared an image on social media today (April 19), showing a blue BMW 1 Series parked outside Wilmslow Community Fire Station. It was directly in front of one of the station's doors - potentially blocking the exit for a fire engine dispatched to save lives.

The image also shows a no parking sign outside the station, which was seemingly ignored. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has now urged drivers to stop parking outside its stations, insisting a number of vehicles have done so.

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A post from the fire service on Facebook said: "We have recently seen a number of vehicles being parked at the front of our fire stations. Please refrain from doing this as it causes an obstruction and can delay our crews from responding to incidents."

Facebook users were understandably stunned by the BMW driver's actions - and the need for firefighters to make such a plea to motorists. One person wrote: "How stupid and dangerous. What is wrong with people?"

Another said: "Wow! Who would actually think it’s ok to do this." A third added: "I can’t get my head round why anyone would park in front of any emergency services building. Totally beyond me."